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All subscription levels include easy access to real-time support, user communities, comprehensive product documentation, training videos, and a knowledge base of targeted solutions for common user experiences.


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The type of options and services vary by Altium Subscription Levels

Chat Support

Available to all subscribers 24/5 in all time zones

Engage with support team members via a live chat session. Through chat support, you can get answers to many common issues including installation, licensing, error messages, or unexpected software behavior. Once you engage in chat, we will ask a series of automated questions to best route your inquiry. Need more support? You can escalate your chat to a ticket.

90 seconds

Median response time

41 minutes

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Altium Designer Enterprise Subscription Level Customers receive priority support.

Support Tickets

Available to all subscribers 24/5 in all time zones

Support tickets are best used for non-critical questions and more complex queries requiring an exchange of data and detailed descriptions. Track the status of your ticket anytime. 
Want to share product related information with us? Submit a ticket. 

5 hours

Average first response time

6 days

Average ticket resolution time

Altium Designer Enterprise Subscription Level Customers receive priority support.

Knowledge Base

Available 24/7 to anyone

The Knowledge Base is curated for you by our technical product experts as a response to your support questions. On a daily basis, your questions are analyzed and used to continuously publish targeted solutions and step-by-step instructions in this space.


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Modelli di documentazione

Documentation Center

Available 24/7 to anyone

Altium's online technical documentation is an expansive set of resources that helps you find the information you need. Whether you are looking for a high-level overview or need precise information regarding a specific feature, the documentation center has you covered.


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Altium Community Forums

Available 24/7 to anyone with an AltiumLive Login

Converse with the world’s best developers and engineers who use our tools every day. Our user community includes engineers from small start-ups with novel ideas and huge enterprises that change the way we think of space exploration. Users have created “dedicated forums” for everything from reporting and discussing product bugs to suggesting feature ideas.


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Altium Academy

Available 24/7 to anyone on YouTube

The Altium Academy is an online learning platform for PCB designers and engineers globally. All you need is a web browser. Learn directly from professionals and industry experts who will provide instruction on topics as varied as basic PCB design principles, advanced engineering topics, and everything in-between.

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