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The medical device industry is facing increasing customer-centric demands of more comfortable, wearable, implantable, devices. To keep up, medical devices need to be smaller, smarter and more connected than ever, all while getting approval and to market with speed.  But ensuring quality and regulatory compliance while also delivering  innovative, best-in-class medical devices has never been more critical, and challenging. Companies are in need of the most effective and efficient processes to compete in this highly complex and demanding industry.  

Altium Enterprise helps Medical Device companies

Cost of Compliance
Time to Market

Workflow management with traceability throughout entire design process drives faster approval, streamlining the regulatory compliance process and accelerating time to market

Digital connection to enterprise systems including PLM, simulation and mechanical design establishes traceability and interactivity across all processes and stakeholders

Component management with lifecycle approvals guarantees only compliant parts are used

Digital simulation to predict performance helps to identify issues earlier and reduce risks

Real-time, bi-directional ECAD and MCAD collaboration ensures even the smallest of enclosures fit - the first time - reducing costly and time-intensive rework