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No more spreadsheets, email threads, or any of the busywork that holds you back. Free yourself from the burdens of your old design process, and discover a new way to create electronics with Altium Designer® and Altium 365®.

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What’s Included

Everything you need to design today’s advanced electronic products. Includes 12 months access to Altium Designer & Altium 365 Standard services.

Design Review & Sharing

Save time reviewing your electronic designs with stakeholder feedback delivered from any browser, on any device.

Mechanical Design Collaboration

Share design data with your mechanical team and effortlessly create today’s advanced electronic products.

Centralized Cloud Storage

Store all of your libraries and design data in one secure, accessible, and version-controlled space.

Libraries & Supply Chain

Manage your components, get real-time supply chain data, and access millions of ready-to-use parts, all in one secure location.


Ship your designs to manufacturing in a click without any email threads or confusion about last-minute changes.

Interactive Routing

Route your way with a high-performance engine that lets you push, slide, hug, walkaround, and tune for delay at any angle.

High Speed & High-Density Design

Expertly design high-speed electronics with a powerful tuning engine. Includes advanced pattern support, an EM solver for accurate propagation delay, impedance extraction, and Easy HDI structure integration.

Fabrication Drawings

Instantly create detailed fabrication views of your board and components with Draftsman. MCAD-like dimensioning and intelligent reports make it easy to communicate design intent.

Mixed Simulation

Explore ideas before committing to manufacturing with fast and accurate simulation in an advanced SPICE engine.

Rigid-Flex & Multi-Board

Rapidly verify connectivity and design flexible circuitry for multi-board setups with product-level wiring, mating, and Native 3D. A clear definition of flex zones and bending lines makes it easy to verify fit for Rigid-Flex designs.

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Quick guide on your Licensing, Migration
and Promo questions

Can I import my design files?

Yes! The Altium Designer import wizard allows you to import your legacy design data from other ECAD tools such as EAGLE, ORCAD, PADS, Expedition, Allegro, DxDesigner, and Zuken CR-5000, and more.

What’s included in the price?

You’ll receive a 12-month Standard Time-Based License, which includes access to:

  • Altium Designer
  • Altium 365 Standard services
  • The latest design technology updates
  • 24/5 live chat support
  • Access to the AltiumLive community
What is Altium 365?

Altium 365 is the electronics product design platform that unites PCB Design, MCAD, data management, and teamwork together like never before. Design, share, and manufacture, all in Altium Designer without changing a thing about how you already work.

Do I need to install Altium 365?

No, Altium 365 is a cloud platform that works in conjunction and is tightly integrated within Altium Designer. You don’t have to install Altium 365, all you have to do is to activate it in a few clicks here.

Can I stop my subscription?

You can choose to not renew your subscription after your 12-month Time-Based license expires.

What are my recurring costs after year one?

After your first year, you’ll pay USD 3850/year for a 12-month Standard Time-Based License, which includes access to Altium Designer and Altium 365 Standard services.

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