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Created: 01.03.2016 | Updated: 11.04.2017
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Parent page: Schematic Commands

The following pre-packaged resource, derived from this base command, is available:

Applied Parameters: Unit=Toggle


This command is used to toggle between the use of Imperial and Metric measurement units, for the active schematic sheet.


This command can be accessed from the Schematic Editor and the Schematic Library Editor, by choosing the View » Toggle Units command from the main menus.


After launching the command, the units of measurement in force for the active schematic/schematic library document will be toggled. If they were previously Imperial units, they will toggle to Metric, and vice-versa.


  1. The units used will be those currently configured for the Imperial and Metric systems, on the Units tab of the Document Options dialog.
  2. You can quickly verify the active units from the Status Bar, by looking at the Grid entry at the left-hand end of the bar.

Applied Parameters: NetColorOverride=Toggle


This command is used to visually toggle the Net Color Override feature on or off. Color highlighting of nets provides for easy viewing and review of your schematics and PCB design. You can highlight multiple nets, differentiate different nets with different colors, and push highlighting from the schematic to the PCB, and vice versa.


This command can be accessed from the Schematic Editor by:

  • Choosing the View » Show Net Color Override command, from the main menus.
  • Choosing the Show Net Color Override command from the menu associated to the Net Colors button (), on the Wiring toolbar.
  • Using the F5 keyboard shortcut.


After launching the command, the Net Color Override feature will be either deactivated (net highlighting hidden) or activated (net highlighting visible), depending on whether it is currently active or not.


  1. If you attempt to apply net highlighting with this feature disabled, the Net Color Override dialog will appear - click Yes to enable the feature. The feature can also be toggled by enabling/disabling the Net Color Override option, on the Schematic - Graphical Editing page of the Preferences dialog.
  2. When synchronizing the source schematics with the target PCB design, net color highlighting can be passed to the PCB (and received back from the PCB) through the applicable Engineering Change Order (ECO). Differences are detected by including the Changed Net Colors comparison type, on the Comparator tab of the Options for Project dialog. Modifications are included in an ECO by including the Change Net Colors modification action, on the ECO Generation tab of that same dialog.
  3. Color highlighting can be removed on a per net basis, using the Clear Net Color command, or for all nets, using the Clear All Net Colors command.


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