MacroFab + Altium = Streamlined PCB Creation

MacroFab, the industry-leading electronics cloud manufacturing platform, is excited to announce Altimade, through our partnership with Altium. Altimade provides users with an easy way to order PCBAs with one click, straight from Altium Designer without the need to export or upload design files.

Only Altium Designer provides users with the ability to order prototypes from within Altium Designer using MacroFab's extensive manufacturing services. MacroFab’s elastic manufacturing capacity means flexible scaling to meet variable demand. Because MacroFab works with an extensive factory network, both small and larger orders are handled with equal ease. Build closer to the end-user by accessing factories across Mexico, Canada, and the USA, shortening delivery costs and time.

Special Deal for MacroFab Users

Get $500 off Your Next MacroFab Project!

Realize your next MacroFab project faster with Altium Designer® and Altimade©. Purchase a 1-year Altium Designer subscription and receive a $500 credit for your next MacroFab project.* Start by requesting your free trial today! 

If you already have Altium Designer, then request an Altimade invite here.
*New Customers Only. 

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