The Engineering Mindset Chooses Altium for PCB Design

"The Engineering Mindset team has used Altium Designer exclusively, for over 2 years, for all our PCB designs. After seeing the benefits and ease of use firsthand during the free trial, we immediately changed to the software, allowing us to efficiently create, modify, and share our circuit designs and bring them to life. This has helped us to teach electronic engineering to a global audience.

Altium Designer's 3D visualization capabilities are truly remarkable. Being able to see our designs in a lifelike 3D representation gives a clear understanding of the spatial layout and potential interference issues. This, combined with Altium 365, helps us collaborate to optimise component selection, positioning and catch potential design flaws early on.

The seamless integration of the entire design process and the ability to share and review our designs was a game changer. From selecting and importing component footprints, designing the circuit schematic, and converting this to a PCB layout with robust rule-checking features that help our designs comply with industry standards and best practices. This not only enhances the quality of our designs but reduces the amount of time spent throughout the process. That’s why we use the software and recommend it to our audience. It's a tool that delivers exceptional results and empowers designers to bring their ideas to life."

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