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Testpoint Manager

Created: February 9, 2023 | Updated: February 9, 2023

The Testpoint Manager dialog
The Testpoint Manager dialog


The Testpoint Manager dialog provides controls for fabrication and assembly related testpoint settings.

Learn more about the process of Adding Testpoints to the Board.


The dialog is accessed from the PCB editor by selecting Tools » Testpoint Manager from the main menus.


  • Testpoint Net Status - this region provides a listing of all nets in the design including a status listing for each net that indicates their testpoint coverage. Nets are listed as either Complete or Incomplete – for both bare-board fabrication and in-circuit assembly testing. Select individual or multiple nets and assign assembly or fabrication testpoints accordingly, using commands available from the right-click menu. Alternatively, use the available commands from the menu to assign testpoints to all nets or to clear testpoint assignments from selected or all nets.
    • Fabrication Testpoints - click to access controls for assigning and clearing fabrication testpoints. These commands are also available on the right-click menu.
    • Assembly Testpoints - click to access controls for assigning and clearing assembly testpoints. These commands are also available on the right-click menu.
    • Search Order - click to access a definable search order of pad/via object types, giving you even finer control over the priority by which such objects are considered when automatically assigning testpoints. Right-click in the list to access controls for moving an entry Up (shortcut: Shift+Up Arrow) or Down (shortcut: Shift+Down Arrow). Click the button again to Hide Search Order.
  • Status Summaries - click to expand/collapse the Status Summaries region as required. The Status Summaries region provides a full summary of the testpoint status for the board for both testing modes. This region updates with each assignment or clearance action performed.
  • Assignment Results - click to expand/collapse the Assignment Results region as required. The Assignment Results region provides detailed results for each assignment or clearance action performed within the dialog. Details can include, for example, the number of top/bottom pads/vias involved in an assignment/clearance, and also a possible indication of why an assignment failed.
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