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User and Server Information

Created: March 4, 2021 | Updated: March 4, 2021

The three iterations of the User and Server Information menu. The first iteration shows the menu when not signed into an account and when no workspaces are available. The second iteration shows the menu when signed in but not connected to a workspace. The third iteration shows the menu when signed in and connected to a workspace.


The User and Server Information menu is used to sign in to your Altium account or to sign into a workspace, self-managed server, as well as accessing license management, and extensions, and updates.

For information about working with servers, refer to Working with a Managed Content Server.

For more information about server access, refer to Accessing a Server from Altium Designer.


The User and Server Information menu is accessed by clicking the , , or  buttons located at the top-right of the main application window, which will vary depending on whether or not you are not connected to a workspace but signed in, connected to a workspace, and signed in, or not signed in or connected to a workspace.


Not signed in 

  • Sign In - provides access to the Sign In dialog from which you can sign in to your Altium account using your AltiumLive credentials (username and password). 
  • Register - opens the Altium 365 Sign up page, where you may register to use workspaces.
  • Activate Workspace - use to open the Activate section of the Altium 365 Intro guide, from which you may activate an already existing workspace.
  • What is a workspace? - opens the Altium 365 Intro page, where you may learn more about workspaces.

Signed in 

  • Licenses - use to access to the License Management view, 'command central' for signing into your Altium account, and setting up your licensing for the software.
  • Extensions and Updates - use to access to the Extensions and Updates view, from where additional software functionality, provided through optional extensions, can be browsed, installed and managed.

My Workspaces

This area contains the name and description of the workspace that you currently have access to. You may click on the entry to connect.

If you are the owner of your company's workspace, that workspace will appear under the sub-section MY WORKSPACES. If you have been added to the teams of one or more workspaces (your own company's and those of other companies), these will appear under the sub-section SHARED WITH ME.
If you are using a Pro Subscription Plan, your Workspace will be indicated as such with the  icon.

Shared With Me

This area contains the name and description of a workspace you have been granted shared access to. You may click on the entry to connect.

Custom Connections

  • Self-Managed Server Name - presents the name and URL of the self-managed server you currently have access to. Click on the entry to connect.

When Signed into a Workspace

  •  - use this command to sign out of the workspace or self-managed server you are currently using.
  • Manage - provides access to your AltiumLive account, where you may activate, manage, and deactivate workspaces, among other abilities.
  • My Altium 365 - used to open the browser-based interface as presented through Altium 365, where you may register for Altium 365 Pro or view and make changes to your workspace if you already own one.
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