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Created: March 12, 2021 | Updated: September 25, 2021
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The Make Available Online dialog is used to register a project that is not currently under the Workspace's version control, with your connected Altium 365 Workspace. There are essentially two ways to work with projects:

  • The recommended and most powerful method is to create a new project directly within the connected Workspace. If you have an existing project, you can bring it into your Workspace by making it available online and opting to enable formal version control. In each case, the project will be stored and managed through the Workspace’s native Version Control System (VCS). This gives you the full functionality for a project when working with it through Altium Designer. Having your project under full management of the Workspace's VCS is the only way to share that project with multiple people for editing through Altium Designer (provided they are members of the Workspace).
  • A local project that is not under version control or is under external version control can be registered with your Workspace using a methodology called Simple Sync. A mirror of your project is created in the Workspace and synchronized. Once local file changes are saved (or saved and committed to the external design repository), those changes are automatically synchronized with their mirrored project counterparts in the Workspace. Simple Sync allows you to enjoy the collaborative features available through the Altium 365 platform while keeping your original project right where it is. However, bear in mind that for a local design project (not under external VCS), that project can be edited by a single person only (the owner of that project – the one who made it available online to the Workspace).
For more information on projects under the management of the Workspace’s native VCS, see Management of Projects. For more information on the Simple Sync methodology, see Making an Existing Unmanaged Project Available Online.


When an Altium 365 Workspace is connected, the dialog is accessed in the following ways:

  • By selecting the Project » Make Project Available Online command from the main menus when a local project is active in the Projects panel.
  • By right-clicking on a local project in the Projects panel and choosing the Make Project Available Online command from the context menu.
  • By right-clicking on a local project in the Projects panel and choosing the History & Version Control » Add Project to Version Control command from the context menu.

    • If there are no connected design repositories (managed on the Data Management – Design Repositories page of the Preferences dialog) other than Workspace's native Git repository, the Make Available Online dialog opens right away.
    • If there are connected design repositories other than Workspace's native Git repository, the Add to Version Control dialog opens. Select the Workspace's design repository distinguished by the icon in the Add to which Design Repository drop-down at the top of the dialog and click OK to open the Make Available Online dialog.
A control to access the dialog is also available from the General tab of the Project Options dialog when connected to an Altium 365 Workspace.


Simple Mode

  • Project Name – the name of the project in the Workspace. By default, the name will be that of the original project.
  • Description – enter the desired description of the project.
  • Version Control – check this option to add the project under the Workspace's own built-in VCS (Git). This option is unchecked by default, where the project files will simply be stored in the Workspace for basic access and to enable sharing with others for viewing and commenting only – a less formal Simple Sync as it were. It is recommended to enable formal version control, as by doing so you will have access to the maximum functionality offered through, and by, the Workspace and the Altium 365 platform. This option is available only if the project is currently not under version control.
  • Migrate to Altium 365 Versioned Storage – enable this option to migrate a project that uses an external VCS to a project under full management of the Workspace's VCS. Such a project can then benefit from the Workspace's native VCS features. This option is available only if the project is currently under an external VCS.
  • Advanced – click to access the Advanced version of the dialog.

Advanced Mode

  • Folder – this field is used to specify where the folder for the project being migrated – within the Workspace's folder structure – is to be created. The default path for new projects is specified on the Admin – Settings – Projects page of the Workspace's browser interface (by default, this will be Projects\<ProjectName>). Click to open the Choose Folder dialog, which is a trimmed-down version of the Explorer panel, from where you can browse and select a different server folder if required.

Migrate Project Dialog

If the Migrate to Altium 365 Versioned Storage option was enabled when migrating a project that uses an external VCS, the Migrate Project dialog opens and warns you that the project is going to be migrated under full management of the Workspace's VCS. Click the Browse button to select a folder on your hard drive where a new (git-based) local project repository will be created. Click the Migrate button to proceed with the migration.

Make Available Online Success Dialog

Once the project has been successfully saved to the Workspace, the Make Available Online Success dialog opens and states that the operation was successful. You can click the Open <project name> link to open the project in your web browser.

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