Browsing Script Identifiers using the Code Explorer Panel in Altium Designer

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  The Script Editor's Code Explorer panel 


The Code Explorer panel provides a visual summary of all identifiers (variables, functions, and procedures) that are used in the active script document (*.pas, *.vbs, *.js, *.tcl, *.bas).

Content and Use

The identifier information that appears in the Code Explorer panel is grouped under the following top-level folders:

  • Procedures & Functions - includes all procedures and functions declared in the active script document. For each procedure/function, any parameters passed to the procedure/function or variables local to it are also listed.

  • Variables - includes all global variables declared in the active script document.

If local variables are declared for a procedure/function, they will appear listed in a variables sub-folder, under that procedure/function.
Unique icons are used to distinguish between the various identifiers:






Procedure/function parameter


Variable (local or global)

Double-clicking on an entry in the panel (or selecting it and pressing the Enter key) will jump to the corresponding area of code in the design editor window. The placement of the text cursor depends on the entry type:

  • Procedure/function - the text cursor will be placed at the beginning of the first executable statement
  • Procedure/function parameter - the text cursor will be placed to the immediate right of the identifier
  • Variable - the text cursor will be placed to the immediate left of the identifier.

Right-click Menu

The right-click pop-up menu for the panel provides the following commands:

  • Sort by declaration order - display all folders and identifiers therein in the order in which they are actually declared in the script document
  • Sort alphabetically - display all folders and identifiers therein, in alphabetical order.
  • Group similar items - displays similar items under a group folder.
  • Show type info - display additional information regarding procedures and functions.

Additional Information

Direct filtering is available, allowing you to quickly jump to an entry by directly typing within the panel.

To use this feature, click within the panel and type the first letter of the entry you wish to jump to. The first entry in the panel starting with the letter you type will become selected and the letter will be highlighted to show that filtering of the panel content is based upon it, as shown.

If the panel contains multiple identifier entries starting with the same letter, narrow your search by typing additional letters as required.
To clear the current filtering, allowing you to enter a different starting letter, press the Esc key. Use the Backspace key to clear the previously entered filter characters, in sequence.

The feature will find identifier entries listed in folders and sub-folders that are currently collapsed, expanding such folders where necessary.

The keyboard shortcuts Up Arrow and Down Arrow can be used to select the previous and next entry in the panel, respectively. Stepping up or down using these shortcuts will clear any direct filtering currently applied.
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