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Draftsman object properties are definable options that specify the visual style, content and behavior of the placed object. The property settings for each type of object are defined in two different ways:

  • Pre-placement settings – most Board Region View object properties, or those that can logically be pre-defined, are available as editable default settings on the Draftsman - Defaults page of the Preferences dialog (access from the  button at the top-right of the design space). Select the object in the Primitive List to reveal its options on the right.
  • Post-placement settings – all Board Region View object properties are available for editing in the Properties panel when a placed Region View is selected in the design space.

The Region View default settings in the Preferences dialog and the Board Region View mode of the Properties panel.

In the below properties listing, options that are not available as default settings in the Preferences dialog are noted as 'Properties panel only'.


  • Scale – use the drop-down to choose from a range of preset scale ratios to set the visible size of the object. This option is not available if the Use Custom Scale option is checked.
  • Use Custom Scale – select this option to enter a specific scale in its associated field. The scaling of the drawing object is relative to 1, where 0.9 would represent a scale of 90%.


  • Title – the title name string that will be displayed (if enabled) with the Region View object. Use the associated button to toggle its visibility. Enter the title name and any desired system/custom parameters to create a meaningful name for the placed view. See the Parameters section in the Properties panel's Document Options mode for a list of the currently available parameters.
  • Location – use the drop-down to choose from a range of relative locations for the title. The Manual option is automatically selected if the title is manually moved (dragged and dropped to a new location).
  • Font – sets the displayed font used for the view's title string.
    • Use Document Font checkbox selected – the title font used is that defined by the document options. See the Document Font entry in General section of the Properties panel when in Document Options mode.
    • Use Document Font not selected – use the drop-down menus to choose the desired font type (Font) and size and select the lower buttons to enable text attributes. The associated color button ( ) opens the color selector where the font color can be specified by RGB or HEX value, by freeform selection, or from a range of presets. Note that the slider control sets the color Opacity level where 0% represents full transparency.


  • Border Style – the thickness and style used to render the board outline in the Region View. Use the line weight drop-down menu to choose from a range of line thickness presets and the line pattern menu to choose from a range of line styles. The associated color button ( ) opens the line color selector dialog as outlined above.


  • Rotation – set the rotation angle of the Region View in 90° increments. Any associated Callouts will maintain their target location and the angle of the text tag.
  • Board Region graphic properties (Properties panel only) – entries are included for each of the board’s Layer Stack regions and their associated graphic properties.
    • Fill preview – displays the fill style and color that is currently applied to the Region area. Select the associated buttons to access the fill options.
    • Fill colors – use the color buttons ( ) to specify the region’s background and hatch (or solid fill) colors. In the drop-down selector, colors can be specified by RGB or HEX value, by freeform selection, or from a range of presets. Note that the slider control sets the color Opacity level where 0% represents full transparency.
    • Fill properties – select the button to access the fill graphic options:
      • Pattern – use the drop-down to select the graphic pattern (ANSI or solid) for the region fill.
      • Scale – the relative line spacing of the applied ANSI hatch pattern.
      • Rotation – the angle of the ANSI hatching lines, where a value of 0 is equivalent to 45°.
      • Hatch Thickness – the line weight of the ANSI pattern lines.
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