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Create New Revision

The Create new revision dialog


The Create new revision dialog allows you to upload the relevant file(s) into a new revision of an item in a managed content server that supports the uploading of data.

For information about the Managed Content Server, see Working with a Managed Content Server.


The dialog is accessed from the Explorer panel (View » Panels » Explorer) by right-clicking on an Item then selecting Upload when uploading items such as 3D models, binary files, BOM templates, etc.


  • Release Notes - enter any release notes required.
  • Name - enter a different name for this revision of the item, if required. 
  • Item ID - displays the unique item ID. The ID itself is typically a code in accordance with established naming conventions. For example, D-810-XXXX may be used to reflect a fabricated Blank Board Item, while D-820-XXXX may reflect an Assembled Board Item. The Item ID cannot be changed after the Item is released.
  • Description - enter a meaningful description for this revision of the item. 
  • Sources - drag and drop the required file(s) as supported by this item type into this region.
  • Add - click to access the Add Files dialog  (a standard Windows open-type dialog). Use this to browse to, and open, the required file(s), as supported by this item type. 
  •  - click to remove selected file(s).
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