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Created: 24.08.2017 | Updated: 28.02.2018
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Parent page: Multi-board Assembly Preferences

The Multi-board Assembly - View Configuration page of the Preferences dialog


The Multi-board Assembly - View Configuration page of the Preferences dialog is used to configure the default system colors and display options of a Multi-board assembly. The same set of options is available in the Multi-board Assembly View Configuration panel, use these to configure the settings in an open multi-board assembly.


This page is accessed by clicking View Configuration under the Multi-board Assembly folder in the main Preferences dialog (accessed by clicking the  button in the top right corner of the workspace).


System Colors

  • Toggle the  /  to show/hide the associated object. Click the colored box to open a custom color drop-down to select a color for the associated object. Refer to the View Configuration panel page to learn more about the setting the color.

Display Options

  • Screen Space Ambient Occlusion - enable to approximate the ambient occlusion effect. Ambient occlusion is a method used to approximate how bright the light should be shining on any specific part of a surface based on the light and that surface's environment (how hidden/open it is to the ambient light source). Refer to the View Configuration panel page to learn more.
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