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Defining New Document Default Preferences for Altium Designer

Created: 14.10.2016 | Updated: 11.04.2017
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The System - New Document Defaults page of the Preferences dialog


The System – New Document Defaults page of the Preferences dialog allows you to specify the defaults used when new projects and documents are created. You can load file or Vault sourced templates for all types of Altium Designer documents. The Preferences can be saved and loaded at will, and importantly, released to the Altium Vault as Managed Preferences for reuse by others.

Preferences released to the Vault are version controlled and lifecycle managed by the Vault infrastructure, and can be manually loaded in to Altium Designer or automatically applied through the Vault’s Environment Configuration service.


This page is accessed by clicking New Document Defaults under the System folder in the main Preferences dialog (DXP » Preferences). 


  • Document Kind - lists all the document/file types.
When a new project or document of a given kind is created, the associated default and its settings are copied.
  • New documents default - click the right hand side of the column then  to open a drop-down in which you can select how to define the default document:
    • From File - click to browse and select the desired file.
    • From Vault - click to open the Choose item dialog in which a suitable Managed Template can be selected or the target Item for a new template created.
Once the template is selected, a new template entry will appear for the selected document default in the Preferences dialog (shown as a path to the Vault Item). Close the Preferences dialog to save the new template entry.
  • Reset to Default - click to reset to the default settings.
If you have a company template, you can specify the directory for the template in the textbox in the New documents default column. 
The New Document Defaults settings can be released to a target Item in the Vault via the Release To Vault option in the Preferences dialog’s Save drop down menu. Select the Choose option in the subsequent Link Preferences to Vault Item dialog to navigate and select an Altium Designer Preferences target Item in the Vault.


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