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PCB 3D Print Settings

Created: 21.04.2018 | Updated: 21.04.2018
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The PCB 3D Print Settings dialogThe PCB 3D Print Settings dialog


This dialog allows you to define settings when generating a print of the board in 3D.


The dialog is accessed in the following ways:

  • With the PCB 3D Print entry selected on the Project Options - Default Prints dialog, click Configure.
  • If the PCB 3D Print output type is the default print for the PCB editor:
    • Click File » Page Setup then click the Advanced button in the PCB 3D Print Properties dialog that appears.
    • Click File » Print Preview then right-click in the main window and choose Configuration.


Render Resolution

Use this region to specify the quality of the 3D model to be printed in terms of resolution. Supported resolutions are 75 DPI, 150 DPI, and 300 DPI.

The available resolutions are not printer dependent.

View to Print

Use this region to select the view of the board to be printed. Choose from the following options:

  • Entire Board From Above - choose to print the 3D view of the board looking directly down from above the board (camera perspective is perpendicular to the board).
  • Entire Board From Below - choose to print the 3D view of the board looking directly up from below the board (camera perspective is perpendicular to the board).
  • Custom - choose this option then click Take Current Camera Position to print the 3D view of the board as it is currently displayed in the PCB editor.
If you make a change to the orientation of the board in the 3D workspace, you will need to access this dialog then click Take Current Camera Position again to update the print configuration.
The Custom view option allows you to print out views of the board from different perspectives.

View Configuration

Click Take Current View Configuration to apply the current workspace view configuration for surface colors, visibility, opacity, and board thickness.

View Configuration settings are defined on the View Configuration panel.
If you make a change to the 3D view configuration, you will need to access this dialog then click Take Current View Configuration again to update the print configuration.


This region displays a preview of what will be printed. It will dynamically update as changes are made in the View to Print and/or View Configuration regions of the dialog.


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