If elected by you, the Altium Designer Improvement Program (“Program”) will allow Altium to collect certain forms of technical information based upon how you use the product and how the product performs while you use it.  Your computer will automatically transmit certain information to Altium if you do participate.  A few simple rules govern the Program:

1. First, as already noted, it is completely voluntary.  You must make an affirmative election to participate. Further, you can opt out at any time.  

2. Second, the Program collects information virtually anonymously and uses information from thousands of users to create aggregate reports that Altium can then use to make the improvements  the product over time.  The reports that are generated as part of the Program do not include personal identifiers relating to you as the Customer other than a unique identifier that is tied to your computer. You may, however, elect to waive such anonymity.

3. Third, the types of information which we collect in running the Program are the following: 

a. Hardware information. Example - number of monitors, screen resolution, number of processors etc. 
b. Usage information. Example - launched commands, used actions, choose preferences etc. 
c. Statistical data. Example - size of a design, number of files in a project etc. 
d. Performance metrics. Example - duration of file opening, duration of file compilation, etc. 
e. Crash reports (the user may want to be identified)
i. exception details - technical call stack
ii. file names within last commands
iii. preferences (optionally)
iv. screenshots (optionally)

4.  Fourth, your participation in the Program will not result in your receiving spam or being unnecessarily contacted by Altium.  Of course you may wish to contact Altium and can do so at any time if you have concerns about the product or whether it is performing as specified.  

5.  Lastly, the information that we collect regarding your use of the product will be used strictly for internal purposes and will not be shared with third parties.

Should you at any time have questions about the Program or how it operates please contact Altium.