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Partnership Programs

Technology Partner

Technology partners are providers of software, tools or products that complement Altium products. We work hard to ensure smooth compatibility between our tools.

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Design Translation Partner

Design translation partners will translate your existing designs and IP to Altium formats allowing you to focus on productivity improvements without risking your legacy design assets.

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Developer Partner

Developer partners have collaborated with Altium directly to co-develop solutions to serve the needs of electronics designers and engineers.

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Service Bureau

A service bureau is an outsourcing partner for design work to be done with Altium tools. Only those active within the Altium community and skilled with Altium tools can become official service bureaus.

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Incubator Partner

Altium has partnered with incubators to ensure startups have access to the professional tools they need.

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Clubs & Organizations

University clubs and non-profit organizations around the world use Altium products.

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