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Revolutionizing Kidney Disease Treatment With Metyos

“With Altium it is very easy to design boards with no errors, and send them to a manufacturer with no errors and simple communication. Altium really helped me to get it right the first time”

Paul Durand-Estèbe
Hardware Engineer

  • Altium 365 has been proven to save 159 hours per engineer in year 1 of adoption (Learn More). This success story reveals some of the cost-saving capabilities that Metyos benefitted from by using Altium 365. 
  • Metyos utilized Altium’s MCAD CoDesigner to overcome the collaborative challenges of miniaturizing and integrating complex biosensors into a user-friendly wearable device.
  • Through participation in Altium’s startup program, Metyos accessed advanced design tools and resources at an affordable price, which significantly reduced costs and improved productivity in their early development stages.

Kidney disease remains one of the most formidable healthcare challenges in the United States, affecting an estimated 15% of the adult population, or roughly 37 million people. The economic burden is staggering, costing the healthcare system approximately $100 billion annually. Despite its prevalence and the severe financial and health implications, kidney disease is typically diagnosed in its later stages, leaving millions with limited early intervention options. 

Metyos is dedicated to making biological data accessible to everyone, aiming to save lives and enhance the overall health and well-being of individuals. They develop a bio wearable monitoring device that provides effortless monitoring of kidney health. This device enables personalized data collection without the need for invasive procedures like blood draws, empowering users to manage their kidney disease in its earliest stages.

“I see the future of healthcare facing the age of the population with technologies much more embedded in daily life, with the patient much more at the center. We’re putting healthcare back into the hands of the patient.”

Alexandre Boulanger
Co-founder and CEO

Facilitating Multidisciplinary Collaboration

Metyos’ innovative device features painless micro needlesmicrocones that gently access the skin's interstitial fluid, allowing for medical-grade quality measurements directly from a user. Measurements are then transmitted via Bluetooth to a user’s smartphone, and concurrently, to their doctor. 

Rapidly testing new ideas and iterating on designs for this device was critical for Metyos. However, managing and synthesizing contributions from diverse disciplines including mechanical, chemical, and electrical engineers presented a significant challenge. The team needed a process to drive efficient collaboration without relying on email, spreadsheets, manual file exchanges, and other traditional methods. 

To address these challenges, Metyos utilized key capabilities within Altium 365 to streamline their design review and collaboration process, including: 

  • Browser-based Access and Sharing - Altium 365’s web-based platform enabled members from all engineering disciplines to access hardware project files directly from their browsers. This capability allowed team members to measure, search, cross-probe, and comment on electronic designs from any device.
  • Asynchronous Design Reviews - The digital capture of design markups and feedback, attached directly to relevant design files, provided full traceability throughout the team’s development lifecycle. This was particularly crucial for a medical-grade device, where each iteration and decision must be meticulously documented and tracked.

MCAD CoDesigner - Metyos’ device needed to be medical-grade and capable of attaching snugly to the skin, which created significant space constraints. Their team used MCAD CoDesigner to synchronize design changes between Altium Designer and the team’s MCAD system to ensure that electrical and mechanical components were perfectly aligned.

“Altium 365 is helping us as we are a growing team. Already all the review solutions that it brings and commenting live with peers in the software is very helpful”

Paul Durand-Estèbe
Hardware Engineer

Maximizing Efficiency and Cost-Effectiveness

For an early-stage startup like Metyos, managing time and financial resources efficiently is critical. The high costs associated with engineering hours spent troubleshooting or navigating cumbersome software can significantly impact a startup's budget and delay development. 

To maximize efficiency, Metyos adopted several solutions from Altium that streamlined their design process to save valuable engineering time, including:

BOM Management - This capability allowed Metyos to make informed decisions during part research and purchasing by integrating availability, compliance, risk, and cost data from leading parts providers, including Octopart, SiliconExpert, and IHS Markit. Metyos also proactively managed their BOM with checks that alerted the team about part availability issues before it impacted their production schedule.

Manufacturing Collaboration - Altium 365 facilitated seamless collaboration with Metyos’ manufacturing partner. They were able to share a version-controlled release package with their manufacturer, who could then access and comment on output files from any browser, ensuring that all communications were centralized and attached to the design.

“When we’re talking about PCB development software, what we really value is reliability. We use Altium and we like the software very much.”

Olga Chashchina
Cofounder and CTO

Leveraging Strategic Resources for a Startup’s Success

Metyos’ journey in revolutionizing kidney disease treatment showcases the power of strategic tool selection and resource management in a startup environment. By embracing Altium's comprehensive design and collaboration solutions, Metyos was able to streamline their development processes and significantly enhance their operational efficiency as a startup.

Metyos also participated in Altium’s startup program. As Paul Durand-Estèbe at Metyos highlights, "As an early startup you have to be careful where you spend your money. Altium Launchpad allowed us to use these great tools to be more productive at an affordable price. In the end, this really helped us to save money and grow seamlessly and be more productive.

Altium 365
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