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Providing Universities the PCB Tools & Skills
to Build a Better Tomorrow

What You Get

  • The complete Altium software and services package
  • Altium 365® cloud-based, collaborative classrooms
  • Altium Designer® Professional Training for Faculty
  • Free Altium Designer Pro Student Licenses
  • University level PCB Design Curriculum
  • Course Certificates for Students
  • Free Power Analyzer by Keysight
  • Instructor support and resources

As an educator, you’re tasked with readying the engineers of tomorrow. To accomplish this, you need professional engineering tools that give students the experience and resources they need to launch their careers early on.

Educator Requirements
  • Must be an instructor at a tech school, college, or university
  • Have EE or PCB design courses in your curriculum
  • Be willing to provide appropriate credentials

Trusted by Internationally Recognized Universities


Benefits of the Altium Educator Center

The Altium Educator Center was designed to help ensure your students receive a well-rounded
education that prepares them for real-world challenges in the electronics industry.

Educator Licenses

As a part of the Altium Educator Program, you get complimentary Altium Designer Pro licenses so you can train your students on the #1 professional PCB design tool in the market.

Altium 365® Classroom

Enable better collaboration with real-time feedback, streamline student learning and grading, and have access to projects from anywhere Step by Step Set-Up instructions and videos are available to enable real time design instructions for students.

Comprehensive Curriculum

Designed to equip you with a diverse range of teaching materials, tutorials, and resources that simplify the teaching process while ensuring you can effectively convey basic and advanced electronics design concepts to students. Altium Educators Guide provide an overview and best practices.

Curriculum Includes:

  • Introduction to the fundamentals of Printed Circuit Board Design
  • Value of Schematics, Libraries, and Simulation
  • Overview of Routing and Basic Signal Integrity
  • Integration of Design to Manufacturing Processes
  • Tutorial Project for Hands on Learning

Currently Being Used to Support these College Level Courses:

  • Robotics Systems Design
  • Fundamentals of Electrical Engineering
  • Power Electronics
  • Alternative Energy
  • Microwave Electronics
Free Student Licenses

Students get their own annual free Altium Designer Pro licenses including Power Analyzer by Keysight to use on and off campus.


Nicholas McGill-Gardner,

EE Professor, University of Pennsylvania


“Altium 365 has been a game changer this year. My teaching team had an easier time assisting students with comments and grading all the assignments. There have been a number of pain points in the past that have been solved with the whole spread of A365 features. Students find it to be a breeze”

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Sabrina Yarzada

UC Davis, Senior Electrical & Computer Engineering

“I was first introduced to Altium Designer through the EE Emerge Course at UC Davis. Having Altium designer skills gave me an edge among other applicants in getting interviews and ultimately landing me an internship at NASA Jet Propulsion Labs”


Andre Knoesen

UC Davis, Chair Electrical and Computer Engineering

“One of the most important things for our EE or CE students is gaining knowledge of Altium Designer. Students' skills in Altium Designer help them attain high visibility with employers and it is often the differentiator among other applicants as they are looking for internships or jobs upon graduation.”

Case Studies

See how educators are using Altium in their classrooms today.


Dohn Bowden

Laboratory Manager, Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering

In 2022, Dohn Bowden launched a new graduate and undergraduate course called Printed Circuit Design (Altium). Now offered annually, the basis for the course is Altium’s free curriculum on PCB Design and the tool of choice is Altium Designer Pro. In addition, all Electrical Engineering students enrolled at the University of Massachusetts have free access to Altium Designer and the PCB Design curriculum through Altium Education. Currently, there are 149 students utilizing their free Altium Designer licenses.


Rafael Cardoso

Professor Electrical Engineering

Professor Rafael Cardoso chose Altium Designer as the tool of choice to best equip his students for their careers and has inc orporated Altium Education’s free curriculum into his Printed Circuit Board Design course.

This new popular course is offered annually. Additionally, approximately 600 UTFPR engineering students have free access to Altium Designer and PCB Design curriculum through Altium Education.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is included in the Educator Program?
  • The complete Altium software and services package for up to 10 faculty and staff
  • Altium 365 cloud-based, collaborative classrooms for teaching electronics design in real time
  • Altium Designer Professional Training for Faculty
  • Free Altium Designer Pro Student Licenses
  • University level PCB Design Curriculum with practical tasks
  • Altium Education Course Certificates for Students
  • Free Power Analyzer by Keysight
  • Support for software, Altium 365 classroom set up, and lab installation
  • Access to library of blogs, articles, how-to’s, and other helpful resources
What is the cost?

Cost varies based on the needs of the Educator. Full access for multiple subscriptions to the Educator Center is USD 2000.00 Individual subscriptions are USD 500.00. Contact to discuss your needs

How can I integrate my courses and students into a private Altium 365 Workspace/Classroom?

Step by Step instructional videos are provided to Educators and Students for set-up and student enrollment in the Altium 365 Workspace/Classroom.

What level of support comes with the Educator Program?

Enrollment in the Educator Center comes with email and live customer support.

What happens when an Educator License is due for renewal in a year?

Registration renewal and payment is due annually. You will be contacted to discuss renewal requirements and needs each year.