Team Sponsorships

In gratitude for the success Altium continues to enjoy, we feel both privileged and compelled to invest resources to equip the new generation of professional engineers and PCB designers. We accomplish this by providing design software that will enable teams to pursue invaluable hands-on engineering experience and help students become proficient with the world’s leading PCB design software.

Please visit our team stories page to learn about the inspiring work of the world’s future innovators.

To qualify for team sponsorship, you must meet the following criteria:

  • Be a verified member of a competitive engineering team such as Formula SAE, Hyperloop, Robocup, etc.
  • Provide names and emails of electrical team members to gain access to on-demand training.
  • Agree to the terms of our Sponsorship Agreement and submit through our online portal.
  • Provide a sponsorship packet, hi-res logo, team URL and Social Media URLs.
  • Maintain a team profile on this website.

For questions regarding the Sponsorship Program please contact Jackie Skellie

Get Your Team Sponsored

Get Your Team Sponsored

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