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Save UP TO 20% and elevate your design team’s capabilities by bringing everyone together in Altium Designer. It’s a win-win.

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Team Up & Save

Get the latest Altium Designer teamwork and integration capabilities and save up to 20% for new licenses.

Empower your design team with more capacity to
support current and future design projects.

PCB CoDesign*

PCB CoDesign allows multiple engineers to work together on shared projects. This speeds up design processes, keeps everyone informed about layout updates, and simplifies conflict resolution for a more efficient design experience.

Altium 365 Workspace

Altium 365 brings your entire team and all aspects of your electronics development together in one platform that helps your organization deliver better products faster than ever before.

Multi-board MCAD CoDesigner

Multi-board MCAD CoDesigner allows for effortless push and pull operations between electrical and mechanical tools to ensure seamless synchronization of design data across complex projects. This capability streamlines the product development process and enhances overall efficiency

Ansys CoDesign*

Ansys CoDesign allows you to effortlessly share data with Ansys simulation experts, make design changes via in-design comments, and access simulation reports, all while working in your preferred environments.

Harness & Multi-board System Design

Harness & Multi-board System Design enables engineers to design multiple PCBs and connect harnesses in a single environment for accurate system design. Easily create documentation drawings and generate a comprehensive bill of materials with all required harness components upon completion.

Supply Chain Intelligence

Supply chain intelligence provides critical insights into component availability, pricing, and lead times from various data providers like IHS*, Octopart and Silicon Expert*. right when you need them.

*Feature Coming Soon to Altium Designer 24. Access to features varies per subscription level.

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