Configuring and Administrating Your Workspace in Altium Designer

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Your connected Workspace can be configured to provide the best productivity and work consistency for the entire design team. Some Workspace configuration aspects can be set up directly from Altium Designer, including:

The Explorer panel provides a direct interface to your connected Workspace. From the Explorer panel, you can perform many activities, including:

  • Creating and managing the organizational structure used in the Workspace.
  • Creating any number of Items, each representative of a design object.
  • Direct editing and placement of Item Revisions.
  • Reviewing and managing the lifecycle of Item revisions.
  • Interrogating the usage of a particular Item revision (Where-Used).
  • Browsing and managing Part Choice information for Workspace Components.
  • Downloading stored data, including data generated through the release of board design projects.

The Explorer panel gives access to data stored in a Workspace.
The Explorer panel gives access to data stored in a Workspace.

The Explorer panel becomes your trusty right-hand, presenting a collection of features that can really enhance your productivity when working with the Workspace through Altium Designer.

While the majority of your day-to-day working with your Workspace will be through the Components panel or Explorer panel, there will also be occasions when you need to interact with the Workspace through its browser interface – especially for administrative purposes. For more information, see Exploring the Browser-based Interface (Altium 365 WorkspaceEnterprise Server Workspace).

For your day-to-day activities in the realm of component management, you'll make frequent use of the Components panel. This panel provides a powerful interface with which to interact with all your components. For your Workspace components, the panel provides a filter-based parametric (faceted) search capability, for specifying target component parameters. In addition, the panel also offers options to edit a Workspace component through the Component Editor (in its Single Component Editing mode), view the component in its source Workspace, and perform component management functions such as component creation and cloning, or editing the selected component's Part Choices and Type. In short, the Components panel offers a streamlined, targeted interface to aid your component management activities, without having to venture into the Explorer panel.

See Building & Maintaining Your Components and Libraries for information about using and managing Workspace components in Altium Designer.

When working with Workspace components in the Explorer and Components panels, it is important to note that:

  • The content of Component Folders in the Explorer panel is determined by what has been copied/imported into that folder.
  • The content of component Categories in the Components panel is determined by Component Type parameter setting of each component.

Besides the standard ways of accessing a panel (from the Panels button at the bottom right of the design space or the View » Panels menu), the Explorer panel can also be accessed by clicking the Active Workspace control at the top right of the design space when actively connected to a Workspace (e.g.,  for an Altium 365 Workspace or for an Enterprise Server Workspace) and clicking the entry of the currently connected Workspace highlighted in the associated menu (and distinguished by the  /  icon).

A variation of the Explorer panel that is essentially a 'trimmed-down' version and titled Choose Item is opened in some instances, for example, when you need to choose a model or template. For example: from the Schematic editor when using the Choose manually command from the right-click menu of the Item Manager dialog.
When performing a search in the panel, the results default to showing the latest version only.
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