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The Jump To Pad Number dialogThe Jump To Pad Number dialog


This dialog allows you to quickly jump to a specific pad within the design workspace by specifying the pad's number.

If the target pad is already displayed within the main design window, the cursor will simply jump to the center of that pad. If the pad is out of view, the cursor will be positioned at the center of the pad, centered within the main design window (where possible).


The dialog can be accessed from the PCB Editor by using the Edit » Jump » Pad command from the main menus.

You can also use the J, P keyboard sequence directly from within the focused workspace.


  • Pad Number - use this field to specify the number of the pad you wish to jump to. To jump to the pad of a specific component, enter the identifier for the pad in the format <ComponentDesignator>-<PinDesignator> (e.g., U3-12).



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