PDN Analyzer

PDN Analyzer

Altium Designer

PDN Analyser Course Overview 

Learn to calculate and analyze power nets directly in Altium Designer. Gain insight into how to troubleshoot as you design and detect issues like insufficient or excessive copper, uncontrolled voltage drops, and similar issues that may be present with the power system in your PCB design.

Course Agenda:

  1. Introduction to the PDN Analyzer.
  2. Steps to configure and run an analysis
  3. Simple process to view results interactively
  4. How to generate HTML report documents.
  5. Identify problem areas with an easy-to-use 3D simulation display.

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  • Know how to optimize the PCB Power Delivery Network before you prototype. 
  • Reduce errors and save design time.
  • Pinpoint problems early during the layout process
  • Predict voltage drop and current density levels
  • Enable visualization and characterization of PDN issues

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PDN Analyzer Basics V2.0 - On Demand (English)

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