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                      • Altium Designer 15

                        Professional unified design system, high productivity stress-free environment and native 3D PCB editor

                      • Altium Vault

                        Centralized platform for ECAD design data, library, workflow and team management

                      • CircuitMaker

                        Streamlined PCB Design tool custom built for your community

                      • CircuitStudio

                        Professional PCB design tool, ready to pick up and go

                      • Altium Subscription

                        Altium products are constantly being updated to provide the latest technology

                      • TASKING

                        World-renowned for superior compiler technology, TASKING tools have been used for over 25 years

                      • Product Extensions

                        Additional tools, analysis systems, support for new devices and design flows for Altium products

                      • Altium DXP Developer Platform

                        Create and deploy custom extensions and business system integration for Altium products

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                      Altium Designer 15

                      Stress-free, Native 3D PCB design for professionals


                      Maintain peak efficiency and productivity by always having access to the latest tools

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                      How to Buy

                      Contact your local sales office to get started improving your design environment

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                      Engineering Innovation for PCB Design

                      We believe the heart of successful products is in electronic design. Innovators need
                      systems that help them make the most of new technologies, successfully manage
                      projects, and deliver products on-time and on-budget. We create and sell these tools.

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                      Altium Designer

                      The PCB is at the center of any electronic product. Literally, the enclosure surrounds the board, and figuratively, all the mathematics, the science, the software, these all run on the board. That’s why the PCB is at the center of our tools, and our company. Your focus is the PCB, and so is ours.

                      Altium Designer is the tool of choice for tens of thousands of professional PCB designers across the globe. The stakes riding on PCB design and production success are high, so you need a design solution that is efficient, easy to use, and up to date with the needs of professional PCB designers, just like you.

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                      ALTIUM VAULT 2.0

                      The Altium Vault provides a centralized platform to support your design teams and your entire company to easily manage and automate all the small yet crucial details that take time away from designing.

                      Running securely on your own network, the Altium Vault helps manage your team’s workflow and ECAD data in a way that makes your entire organization, not just your designers, more efficient, while protecting the integrity of your designs.

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                      Altium Subscription

                      Technology is inherently always advancing. If you’re to drive the advancement of technology, you need to be sure the latest technology is always available to you.

                      Altium products are constantly being updated. Altium Subscription ensures that you always have access to the latest updates and more. Our comprehensive software upgrade and maintenance update program ensures your team is using proven mature tools while maintaining access to the latest and greatest. 

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                      Developing code for a new processor architecture or a new product can be a time-sink. The TASKING embedded tools make it easy to get productive fast so you can concentrate on your high level and specialized applications.

                      The highly complex and feature rich embedded systems we rely upon in our daily lives mean you need tools that make you productive without risking loss of quality, security and reliability. In order to avoid costly issues, code rule checking and safety certification programs are a must. TASKING development tools, along with our services for certification, will help ensure first time success.

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                      Our Customers

                      Siemens Electrical Ground Support Equipment (EGSE) in Vienna specializes in satellite testing solutions. Instruments of navigation, earth observation or telecom satellites are tested to ensure they work reliably under all space conditions.

                      “What I am really excited about when it comes to Altium Designer is to see it supports current trends, for example the integration of mechanic and electronic design or the new features for rigid-flex design. These things are very helpful for the engineer’s daily work.”
                      Alfred Fuchs, Product Line Manager, Siemens CVC

                      Our CustomerS

                      One of the largest independent electronic design services companies in North America, Nuvation Engineering offers hardware design, software development, FPGA core design, integration and testing services from its operations in San Jose, California and design centre in Ontario, Canada.

                      “Altium Designer supports us in our ‘right first time’ designs, it improves schedule and reduces budget for our customers. Being able to do that gives us a real competitive advantage.”
                      Mike Worry, CEO and founder, Nuvation Engineering

                      Our Customers

                      Sweden’s Omnisys Instruments has used Altium Designer in the successful development of critical hardware for Europe’s space program.

                      “The life-cycle management capabilities that are inherent in the Altium Vault give us confidence and are what initially attracted Omnisys to consider the Altium Vault.”
                      Mattias Ericson, Engineer, Omnisys Instruments

                      Our Customers

                      High tech PCB manufacturer Sierra Circuits, talks about Altium Designer and how it helps their customers with getting designs right the first time.

                      “A lot of our customers are pushing the boundaries of PCB technology. Altium Designer allows them to get it right the first time. It has a great way of putting the constraints for manufacturing in the tool itself so the designer knows it’s manufacturable from the beginning.”
                      Amit Bahl, Director of Sales and Marketing Sierra Circuits

                      Our Customers

                      Kaba uses Altium Designer to develop electronic locking systems, lock cylinders and keys, workforce management terminals and other innovative access solutions. See how Kaba overcomes the challenges of integrating a high quantity of components inside strict space constraints and creating 3D prototype assemblies for verification.

                      “One of Altium Designer’s latest features is the rigid-flex technology: the flex technology allows us to show the radius of a bended board in 3D. We can also recognize collisions between board and housing parts in the early development stages in order to estimate if the flex connectors of the actual product are going to be reliable or not.”
                      Stefan Wyss, Electronic Development Department Supervisor KABA AG

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                      Manufacturer: ON Semiconductor
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                      Manufacturer: ON Semiconductor
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