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With no document open for editing, the panel shows the basic shortcuts.


The Shortcuts panel presents a list of available shortcuts for the currently open document and process.

Panel Access

Access the Shortcuts panel by clicking View » Workspace Panels » Help » Shortcuts from the main menus, or by clicking the Shortcuts button at the bottom-right of the workspace.

Panels can be configured to be floating in the editor space or docked to sides of the screen. If the Shortcuts panel is currently in a group of docked panels, use the Shortcuts tab located at the bottom of the grouping to bring it to the front.

Panel Content

The Shortcuts panel is populated with the list of shortcuts that apply to the currently open and focused document in the workspace. By keeping the panel visible on the desktop, the most relevant set of shortcut commands will be available while working on different types of documents.

Examples of the Shortcuts panel with a Schematic document open (left) and a PCB document open (right).

While editing a document, the panel will also display a list of shortcuts that apply to a current interactive command in the Schematic or PCB editor.

When a command is running, for example after clicking Place » Via to place a via on a schematic, the panel will list all of the valid shortcuts for that stage of the interactive command.

The Shortcuts panel listing during the Schematic interactive Via placement command.

To find a shortcut key by its name or keystrokes rather than its function, use the list configuration options at the top of the panel to sort the content as required. The shortcut list can be sorted by descriptive name, function category or literal shortcut keys.

Sort shortcuts by Name, Category or Shortcut keys.

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