Digital Design Review
and Markup

Endless email chains, outdated screenshots and long
video calls to review a design are a thing of the past.

Asynchronous Design Reviews with Digital Markup


Everyone can access the latest design iteration and review at their own time and place. The design markup and feedback are captured digitally and attached to the relevant design files providing full traceability throughout your entire development lifecycle.

Managed Design Review Process


Design reviews occur at various product development stages. Define the process for your design reviews with clear workflow steps and approvals, resolve issues, and track tasks without leaving your design environment and losing context.

Key Features

Browser-Based Access and Sharing

A hardware project requires contributions from different fields and disciplines. Altium 365 renders your project files in the web browser. All project members can measure, search, cross-probe, and comment on your design from any browser or device.

Contextual Comments

Engage in design conversation in the project context. With all comments captured digitally and pinned to the design assets, conversations are never lost or misplaced.


Convert an action item to a task pinned to the desired design area or object. A convenient kanban board shows all the tasks associated with a project.

Design Review Workflow

Define exactly how your design review process should run with a diagram-based customizable workflow. You can specify the order of operations, task ownership, and approval chain. With complete visibility of where in the review process each project is at, you can plan your projects and resources with efficiency.

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