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Connecting design data and requirements for faster design with fewer errors

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Accelerate Your Design Process for Faster Time to Market

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Accelerate your design process and minimize mistakes with a direct connection between real-time design data and requirements for faster, cross-functional decision-making.

Analyze Requirement Change Impact for Thorough Resolution

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Quickly assess the impact of unexpected requirement changes and develop an action plan that covers every system no matter the design stage.

Automate Risk Assessment and Compliance

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Automate compliance verification and validation with consolidated discussion, decision, and document tracking, reducing the risk of miscommunication and unmet regulatory requirements.

Key Capabilities

Dynamic Requirements Visibility and Reuse

Efficiently reuse requirements, components, and connections across Altium 365 projects to accelerate development and time-to-market. Experience a real-time, searchable requirements dashboard offering a holistic overview, including their status, design location, and live updates. Benefit from automated change management with notifications and change history, guaranteeing up-to-date requirement information across the team, minimizing rework and design iterations. Keep enhanced traceability from initial requirements to final product validation and detect deviations from Requirements early for proactive corrective actions.

Efficient Requirement Analysis

Create accountability and reduce intent miscomunication by consolidating discussions, decisions, documents, and design data to easily prove compliance with industry standards. Customizable compliance reports automatically check design decisions against shared requirement parameters, flagging any potential compliance issues in real-time to avoid unmet requirements in even the most complex regulations.

Comprehensive Compliance Management

Enable compliance with industry standards. Identify risks with robust assessment tools, act proactively, and unify compliance data. Real-time checks ensure alignment with requirements, backed by customizable reports for a seamless design process to meet even the most complex regulations.


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