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Newgrange Design

Newgrange Design

Languages: English, French, Spanish

Boston, MA 01880, United States of America

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Newgrange Design is a Best-in-Class PCB Design services firm. We are committed to excellence and great customer service in PCB Design and other services we offer. We take a different approach to Quality, Hiring, Training, and Customer Service and the feedback we get tells us that this is making a difference. It is our goal to become a trusted partner for you and your organization. 

Newgrange Design
Newgrange Design
Boston, MA 01880, United States of America
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Newgrange Design has 30+ American PCB Designers located in our Boston area headquarters.  We have 27 Altium licenses and are one of the largest Altium Service Bureaus in North America.  We have experience in Medical and Life Science Devices, Consumer Products, Robotics, Aero-Defense, Energy, Automotive, and Research.  We work with tiny startups and the largest companies in the world. 


We focus on being your best partner for PCB Design.  We want to be a team player, working with your engineering and manufacturing teams but not trying to be either.  We hire, train, and specialize in being the best at supporting your PCB Design needs.

Library Management
Mechanical CoDesign
Migration to Altium
Migration to Altium 365
PCB Design
Setup of Design Environment
Training & Onboarding

Areas of Expertise

Altium Designer
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PCB Layout
Rigid-Flex Design
High-Speed Design
RF Design
Multi-board Assembly
Harness Design
Altium 365
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Design Review & Sharing
Mechanical (MCAD) Integration
PLM Integration
Design Data Storage
Centralized Libraries and Supply Chain
Workflows and Processes
Newgrange Design
Newgrange Design
Boston, MA 01880, United States of America
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