Library Management

Manage your components, get up-to-date supply chain data, and
access millions of ready-to-use parts, all in one secure location.

Central Standardized Library


The components library is one of your most valuable design assets. Ensure its integrity and manage your components in one central and secure location, so that everyone working on a board design can use the same set of validated components.

Up-to-date Supply Chain Data


Powered by Octopart and S&P Global (formerly IHS Markit), Altium 365 brings data from 300+ distributors on over a billion parts directly into your design environment. Price and availability data, manufacturer lifecycles, production risk alerts, and alternative part choices help make informed design decisions, mitigate risks and ensure your product can be manufactured.

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Key Features

Managed Components

Component templates standardize the components creation process ensuring all the required parameters are populated. With defined component lifecycles, your team always knows which components can be used in a design and which ones are obsolete. “Where-Used” functionally allows to quickly locate every board and design file where a particular component is used.

Manufacturer Part Search (MPS) Panel

The Manufacturer Part Search (MPS) panel brings everything you need to choose the most suitable components for your device into one convenient interface built into your design environment. With granular filtering options, you can quickly locate a real-world manufactured component and select a preferred supplier of that physical part based on cost and availability.

Components Synchronization

Many organizations manage the components data in an enterprise system (PLM, PDM, ERP), a shared database, or a spreadsheet. Synchronize the data between the master database and your Altium 365 library to make sure you are using consistent data throughout the entire product development cycle.

Part Requests

Component management plays a critical role in the hardware development process, and larger organizations might have a dedicated librarian or a whole team to perform this function. With Part Requests, engineers can submit a formal request for a missing part to be created in their centralized library. The Pro level offers an ad hoc request, while Enterprise level supports advanced process with defined workflow steps.

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