BOM Portal℠

Reduce costly design respins and improve time to market with unmatched part data
insights and collaboration features. Proactively mitigate risks within your supply chain
throughout the product lifecycle and across all your BOMs and parts.

Faster BOM Completion with Enriched Supply Chain Data


Leverage enriched part and supply chain data for better-informed BOM decisions. Early collaboration between engineering and procurement teams ensures that the latest part specifications, compliance information, and supply chain data like manufacturer lifecycles, availability, and pricing are considered. This helps to accelerate your product’s time to market without compromising on quality or cost-efficiency.

Data-Driven Supply Chain Risk Mitigation

Data-Driven Supply Chain Risk Mitigation

Ensure the stability of your supply chain and sustain your designs already in production. Supply chain fluctuations can affect part availability and costs. Always be one step ahead as BOM Portal proactively tracks your part supply chain and provides warnings and errors based on up-to-date supply chain information, enabling you to act promptly to address issues before they escalate and disrupt production.

Spreadsheet Simplicity, Powerful Functionality

Spreadsheet Simplicity, Powerful Functionality

Manage and edit your BOMs with the ease of a spreadsheet and the robustness of an advanced document control system. Keep data organized with archives and folders, and confidently share with both internal and external stakeholders through secure sharing options. Create and store BOM releases as separate revisions with customizable lifecycle states. Simplify your BOM management while utilizing the benefits of enhanced functionality.

Comprehensive Part Library and Traceability

Comprehensive Part Library and Traceability

Improve your part management with a comprehensive component library that fosters reusability and traceability. Create and edit library components from your BOM items and adapt part choices. Leverage proactive reporting on BOM and library health and utilize “where-used” tracking for impact analysis. Ensure effective and informed obsolescence management by identifying all BOM documents, using a specific component.

If you are working together with your ECAD team on Altium 365, you will get access to the same library as the designers so you can track down components to the exact projects where they are used.

Key Capabilities

Easy BOM Import & Automatic Data Enrichment

Gain full control of your BOMs by mapping and managing your BOM files. Import your BOM files by using drag and drop functionality or create managed BOMs out of existing projects. The BOM Portal automatically detects and maps information from various column headers such as Manufacturer, Part Number, Quantity, among others. In addition, Altium 365 enriches your BOM with valuable insights including part descriptions, manufacturer lifecycle, RoHS and REACH compliances, preferred supplier, prices, parameters, alternates, datasheets, and more. BOM Portal helps you to stay up-to-date and make informed decisions.

Enhanced Supply Chain Visibility & Analysis

The BOM Portal keeps an eye on your BOMs with Altium 365’s intelligent data enrichment and risk management features, providing an in-depth list of warnings and errors within your BOM. Efficiently mitigate these issues with suggestions directly from the interface, and enrich your BOM with parts insights.

Leverage integrations such as Octopart, IHS Markit, SiliconExpert (optional), and Z2Data (optional, coming soon) for high-quality data. Benefit from in-place part research, powered by leading parts providers, and gain insights based on parts usage within your company, all without leaving the tool.

Component Library Management

Efficiently manage and sync your BOMs with a centralized part library - all on the same platform. Keep track of BOM revisions, assess part risk, and effortlessly handle the lifecycle state of your BOMs. Create a component library from your BOM items, or collaborate with design teams using an existing library. Get a full overview of your library health and gain complete control with in-browser editing of part choices. Utilize “where-used” tracking for impact analysis, ensuring effective and informed obsolescence management by identifying all projects using a specific component.

ECAD-Procurement CoDesign  coming soon

Keep your Managed BOM files up to date with the latest design using ECAD-Procurement CoDesign features. Seamlessly collaborate between designers and procurement teams, conducting 'what-if' analyses, engineering BOM assessments, and manufacturing BOM evaluations while preserving context. Ensure alignment, minimize iterations, and maintain digital continuity. Benefit from integrated comments, notifications, and engineering change orders, enabling efficient collaboration between the teams.


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