Attention Required:

Altium Designer® subscription reactivation program ended on June 16, 2023

What is the reactivation program, and what happened before it ended?

This program allowed perpetual license holders with an expired subscription to get back on subscription and access the latest version of Altium Designer, Altium Support services, and the Altium 365 cloud platform. Now that the program has ended, perpetual license holders need to purchase a new license in order to access their subscription benefits again.

A perpetual license starts at USD 11,970, and a term-based license starts at USD 4,235/year.

Why did I receive a notification about this?

Our records show that you have at least one perpetual license with an expired subscription that was eligible for reactivation. To review your license status, please visit our online store and sign in with your Altium account.

What were the benefits of reactivating a subscription before the program ended?

This program provided an opportunity to get back on subscription without having to pay for a new license. We simplified the reactivation process and lowered or removed the reactivation fees, which allowed you to quickly restart your subscription and start using the latest Altium technology.

With an active subscription, you can access the latest Altium Designer updates, 24/5 live chat and other support services, and Altium 365 cloud services. Altium 365 is a platform that brings together all aspects of electronics development, helping you to deliver better products faster.

To review your license status, please visit our online store and sign in with your Altium account, or contact sales.

Release summary for 2022

Altium Designer Releases


  • New release each month
  • 100+ ideas implemented and bugs fixed
  • 3+ new Integrations
  • Enhanced Supply Chain intelligence for stock, prices and risks to predict and fight shortage consequences

Altium Designer Features

New and Improved

  • Reuse Blocks
  • PCB Health Check Monitor
  • Schematic Multifunctional Pin Names
  • Custom Pad Shapes
  • Variant Management 2.0

Altium 365 Features

New and Improved

  • Library Health Dashboard
  • BOM View and Commenting
  • Gerber, Schematic, and PCB Compare
  • Conflict Prevention
  • Reuse Blocks and Snippets

New features coming in 2023

Planed Product Design Features

  • Harness Design Enhancements
  • Multiboard Component Management
  • Multiboard MCAD CoDesign

Planned Teamwork Features

  • Next Generation Compare and Merge
  • BOM for Assemblers Enhancements
  • Part Choice Change Control

Other Planned Features

  • Custom Pad Shapes
  • New Variant Manager
  • Sectional View in PCB
  • Enhanced Constraint Manager
  • Direct Layout & Routing on a 3D Substrate
  • Automatic Multi-Net Tuning

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