Introducing Part
Insights Experience

Supply Chain

Access Critical Supply Chain Intelligence As You Design

With Part Insights Experience, you can create designs with real-time component supply information that is always there, always right, and always on without changing the way you work today. Focus more on your design and worry less about component availability.

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Supply chain intelligence that’s always there for you, across all phases of design.

Finally, you have supply chain data presented in a way that is truly useful. Easily select components that meet your needs and never get caught off guard with an unavailable or obsolete part. Receive production risk-alerts and quickly identify risks across projects that use supply-constrained or end-of-life components. Learn more

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Select the right part every time with accurate, real-time availability as you work.

Robust, real-time supply information fueled by powerful BOM tools and integrations with Octopart and IHS Markit databases run within the design experience. High-accuracy data aggregated from over 300 distributors and over a billion parts, offers a new level of confidence in part selection. Part Insights Experience can also suggest alternatives to help you make informed decisions as you design. Learn more

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Design as you always have. Part Insights Experience is on and ready to guide your part selection.

Part Insights Experience features blend seamlessly into your design environment so that you always have real-time supply chain insights within the design experience. There’s nothing new to learn, and there are no new tools to install. Part Insights Experience is always there and ready to assist. Learn more

PCB Improvements

With Altium Designer, you have the power to move your projects from concept to manufacture within a unified design experience. Altium Designer 22 continues to weave manufacturing considerations into the design process. Now you can spend more time creating amazing designs, and less time managing manufacturing specifications.

Altium Designer 22 includes powerful features that help ensure your PCB design is ready for fabrication. Effortlessly optimize your design for even the most complex boards.

New PCB technology awareness features allow you to easily model critical PCB features which have an impact on design fabrication. With Altium Designer 22, you can now model a variety of new board characteristics right into your design, including counterbore/countersink holes, IPC-4561 via types, and more.

Routing is a time-intensive task, especially when designers rely on manual processes to meet specific design requirements.

With Altium Designer 22, routing is easier than ever. Enhanced intelligent routing uses best practices and automatically adheres to them, reducing manual routing and giving users a more intuitive, easy-to-use interface. These improvements enable high-quality automatic routing in some of the most sensitive design areas including BGA routing, pad entry, and layout cleanup.

Altium Designer 22 includes new features that improve communicating solder mask specifications, so you can avoid bottlenecks in the design phase and move to fabrication even faster.

We’ve introduced new improvements to solder paste settings to help you specify relative pad size values in percentages, enable/disable paste from your design rules, and visualize the solder mask in 3D. We have also included options to generate solder paste mask file outputs for true variants.

Altium 365®

The Altium 365 design platform unites PCB design, MCAD, data management, and teamwork. Share the real-time state of projects with team members, manufacturers, and even customers to review and mark up your designs without ever leaving your design space. Innovative component management features ensure that designs are based on the real-time lifecycle insights.

Component libraries naturally grow over time. As you create new designs, you continue to add more components. Over time, libraries can become bloated with outdated parts, duplicate entries, and unnecessary information that slows down part selection and manufacturing.

By flagging duplicate entries, obsolete parts, unused data, and other critical issues, the Component Health Monitor helps you keep your library current and useful. A well maintained component library can alleviate these supply headaches before they even start. The Altium 365 Component Health Monitor provides a simple way to get insights on your components.

Improved design comparison features in Altium 365 let you graphically compare every change made to your schematic. Now, you can clearly see additions to your design, who made them, and see any comments made by your team members. These features make it easy to keep everyone informed, track progress, and keep the design moving forward, all from the convenience of your browser or right in Altium Designer.


With the Altium Designer SPICE simulation tool, you can easily simulate your designs and keep track of your results, all in one place. With Altium Designer 22, we’ve improved our simulation tools by making it easier to view circuit quality and stability.

The SPICE simulation tools in Altium Designer now includes Monte Carlo analysis in an easy-to-read histogram display as well as a point-to-point plot generated from measured values.

Understanding circuit sensitivity is a critical part of the design process. Some components can have a bigger impact on circuit output characteristics. Sensitivity analysis allows you to determine which components will meet your design objectives while retaining appropriate circuit stability.

The Most Connected Experience
for PCB Design & Realization

Any Angle Routing

Expertly maneuver around obstacles on a densely populated board, routing deep into your BGA, eliminating the need for extra signal layers. With an intelligent obstacle avoidance algorithm, you're able to avoid obstacles using tangential arcs, making the most efficient use of your board real estate.


Editing traces to improve signal integrity can be time-consuming, especially when you have to edit individual arcs and serpentine tunings. This is why Altium Designer incorporates a new gloss engine and advanced push and shove capabilities to help speed up this process so you can improve your productivity.

Interactive Properties Panel

Have complete clarity to design objects and functions with the updated properties panel. View pertinent properties, supplier info, and even life-cycle info all in real-time.

Schematic Rendering

A smooth and fast schematic experience awaits thanks to DirectX in Altium Designer. This new implementation smoothes out zooming, panning even dramatically speeds up copy and paste functionality.

Schematic Dynamic Data Model

Unnecessary re-compiling of large schematics can take up a lot of time. This is why Altium Designer uses a new dynamic data model, which incrementally and continuously compiles in the background eliminating the need to perform a full design compile.

Time Based Matched Lengths

High-speed digital circuits depend on signals and data arriving on time. If traces are improperly tuned, flight times vary and data errors can be abundant. Altium Designer calculates the propagation time on traces and provides synchronized flight time for high-speed digital signals.

Creepage Distance Rule

This new design rule flags a violation when the creepage distance across the non-conductive surface and edge regions of the board, between the targeted signals, is equal to or less than the specified Creepage distance.

Return Path Checking

High-speed signals create electromagnetic fields that can cause cross talk, data errors or be radiated unless proper return paths are provided. Proper return paths allow noise currents to return to the ground through a very low impedance, eliminating the problems. Altium Designer will monitor return paths and check the return path integrity of all reference polygons so that you won’t have to manually do it.