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For teams or individuals designing electronic products who are looking for efficient ways to collaborate and manage their data flows

Leverage Best-in-Class Product Design Capabilities

Leverage Best in Class
Product Design Capabilities

With a Pro Subscription, Altium Designer provides a modern solution for today’s product design experience in one unified environment. New technologies for multi-board design, mechanical CoDesign, and harness design help you to efficiently create products that meet the requirements of today's demanding market.

Get the Latest Electronics Design Technology

Get the Latest Electronics
Design Technology

Everyone on your team can access Altium Designer updates right when they’re released and continue to innovate with the best electronics design technology available. We continue to release maintenance updates, bug fixes, and enhancements every month for your electronics design tool.

 Access Altium Designer Wherever Your Team is Located

Use Altium Designer
Wherever Your Team is Located

Organizations with design teams located in multiple locations can benefit from the flexibility of Continental or Global licensing. This allows you to optimize costs, manage usage and provide access to your entire distributed team without having to maintain multiple licenses and subscriptions.

Control the Use of Approved Design Assets Across Your Organization

Control the Use of Approved Design Assets Across Your Organization

All of your design assets including schematics, PCB layouts, manufacturing files, and component libraries can be stored in a centralized and version-controlled location for easy access and design reuse. Lifecycle states can be assigned to all of your design data, including components with models, managed schematics, and release packages so team members are only working from approved assets.

Manage Component Libraries and Lifecycle States

Manage Component Libraries and Lifecycle States

Ensure that you are working from verified parts with complete lifecycle control, where-used traceability, and templates with Managed Components. Component data can be loaded from your preferred source including a company database or CSV/Excel file.

Every part in your library can be monitored from a Library Health Dashboard for issues related to supply chain risks, inaccurate component details, duplicate parts, or outdated models. And with advanced component data from IHS Markit®, you’ll have access to actionable lifecycle status updates for over 660 million electronic components.


Use Advanced ECAD/MCAD
Collaboration Technologies

Easily work together with your mechanical team and forget about the days of swapping design files. With advanced integration between Altium Designer and your team’s preferred MCAD tool* you can: create precise copper 3D models in MCAD, synchronize rigid-flex designs and multiboard assemblies, place components in an MCAD environment, and send mechanical enclosures directly to Altium Designer.

*MCAD integration is available for SOLIDWORKS®, PTC Creo® Parametric, Autodesk Inventor®, and Autodesk® Fusion 360.

Manage Your Team & Optimize Their Performance

Manage Your Team & Optimize Their Performance

Keep your design team performing at its best with manager-level control for team configurations, roles, permissions, and Single Sign-On access. You can quickly get a high-level view of the state of your projects with task management in Altium Designer or from any device with a browser. And while team members are working, they can easily prevent edit conflicts with instant notifications in Altium Designer when several people start editing the same document.

Connect With a Dedicated Support Network

Connect With a Dedicated
Support Network

Get the answers you need with 24/5 access to a team of Altium technology specialists via live chat. After your team is successfully onboarded, they can continue to find in-depth answers and instructions from the Altium knowledge base, on-demand technical videos, and the community forums.

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