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Eco-Engineering: Saving Plants from Extinction

“I consider the EDA program we use as a pillar for our company. I found Altium so much more intuitive when compared to other platforms, it’s our go-to for EDA design.”

Hughes La Vigne
Lead of R&D/Co-founder
Outreach Robotics

  • Outreach Robotics, driven by dedication to environmental preservation, pioneers innovation with the "Mamba" robotic arm for efficient plant collection in challenging terrains.
  • In the realm of electronics design, Altium Launchpad became a catalyst for Outreach Robotics, aligning seamlessly with their startup mentality and providing an essential gateway to shaping their current success while laying the foundation for future growth.
  • Navigating the startup landscape, Outreach Robotics confronts challenges, weaving a narrative of resilience and leveraging Altium's tools for rapid iteration and streamlined circuit board construction.
  • Anticipating the future, Outreach Robotics readies for the XPrize competition, envisioning their technology leading global conservation efforts with a focus on the collective power of engineering in preserving biodiversity.


Unraveling Nature’s Riddles

In the heart of innovation and with a passion for preserving our planet's biodiversity, Outreach Robotics emerged as a beacon of hope. The founders embarked on a journey to explore and grasp the vast beauty of nature, understanding the importance of going to any length to protect rare plants and contribute to the greater ecological balance.

As this commitment translates into innovative solutions that redefine the biologist's approach to fieldwork, Outreach Robotics makes what was previously deemed impossible, possible. This is achieved in part through the precise identification, surveying, and collection of plant species–marking a significant leap forward in the realm of plant conservation.

Outreach Robotics takes it one step further with the “Mamba”, a robotic arm that can be suspended from any Industrial drone. The clasping mechanism and cutting tool are able to collect plant samples from hard-to-reach areas like the tall cliffs in one of the most unique and biodiverse places in the world: Kuaui, Hawaii.

Navigating the Startup Landscape in Electronics

Outreach Robotics encountered a multitude of challenges on the path to the Mamba. The complexities of both business and technology posed formidable hurdles. So, fueled by an entrepreneurial spirit and an unwavering commitment to their mission, they persevered.

For a startup, pivotal moments can define the trajectory. Outreach Robotics knew having the right electronics design platform in place from the start would be key to supporting their future growth, and they found their solution with Altium Launchpad.

“Naturally in business, there comes a scale-up moment where you need to rush and in order to do that, you need the best tools. Altium Launchpad enabled us to install the right tools from the beginning.”

Guillaume Charron
Outreach Robotics

Elevating Innovation With Altium 

Having access to Altium Designer through the Launchpad program proved indispensable for Outreach Robotics. Altium Designer offered sophisticated design capabilities that enabled them to iterate rapidly and construct their circuit boards with efficiency. Key features, including the polygon pour manager and Manufacturer part search, played a crucial role in enhancing their design processes.

As one of the most widely used EDA tools globally, the abundance of shared libraries within Altium Designer was invaluable. Having access to ready-to-use components—including those less conventional—streamlined the research and selection process, saving considerable time compared to building from scratch within the EDA software. 

Polygon pour emerged as another team favorite, according to La Vigne; "I can tell you that some of my boards are 80% wired using polygon pour. Without Altium, [there’s] no way I can do this." This technique goes beyond streamlining wiring processes; it expedites the entire wiring phase, offering a dual benefit of speed and enhanced organization. The result is a meticulously optimized layout, highlighting the fundamental value of polygon pour in the efficiency and success of electronic design workflows

What’s Beyond the Horizon?

As Outreach Robotics looks towards the future, they are actively preparing for the XPrize competition—an undeniable testament to their unwavering commitment to pushing the boundaries of what is technologically achievable in environmental conservation. The team foresees a future where their innovative technology becomes a cornerstone in global endeavors to preserve and protect endangered plant species, under the belief that the power of engineering and innovation will play a pivotal role in creating a sustainable future.

By uniting and leveraging the right tools, individuals and organizations alike can contribute to safeguarding the diverse and intricate tapestry of life on our planet. Outreach Robotics’ story not only underscores the collaborative and inclusive nature of their mission, but emphasizes the collective responsibility we all share in ensuring the preservation of our planet's rich biodiversity.

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