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In Pursuit of Sonic Perfection With Vitus Audio

“While Altium is a very, very easy software to work with, you also have a lot of information out there that you can access that really makes it very easy to get started with.” 

Alexander Vitus Mogensen

Vitus Audio / AVA Group

Visionaries of Sound

Vitus Audio, a member of the AVA Group alongside brands like Alluxity, symbolizes more than just an audio portfolio. It embodies the potential for organizations of all sizes to embrace visionary leadership, efficient operations, and boundless inspiration. At the forefront of this is Hans-Ole Vitus—the passionate Founder who finds his calling in the art of engineering and remains steadfast in his pursuit to eliminate non-engineering tasks—guiding Vitus Audio towards precision and perfection.

As an agile and efficient team, Vitus Audio champions in-house manufacturing with an emphasis on quality and sustainability. This commitment echoes in their acclaimed amplifiers and preamplifiers, celebrated for their exceptional precision and sound accuracy, and backed by a lifetime warranty. Altium significantly contributes to Vitus Audio's enduring success by aligning with their core principles. It plays a pivotal role in the AVA Group's journey, helping maintain a steadfast focus on engineering excellence, operational efficiency, and streamlined manufacturing

Teaming Up With Altium

Altium tools and platforms have become the backbone of Vitus Audio's component sourcing, product development and manufacturing processes. With Altium Designer, the company has the tools they need to design their products with precision and efficiency. The intuitive and user-friendly interface is just one key feature that has greatly benefited Vitus Audio.

But, it’s not just Altium Designer and the ease of use that contributes to Vitus Audio’s success. Vitus Audio stands proudly as a member of the AVA Group—a house of Brands that includes Alluxity. And just as Vitus Audio marries precision and sustainability in their products, the AVA Group demonstrates how Altium 365 can harmonize the efforts of multiple brands, presenting a perfect small-scale blueprint for larger enterprises seeking to amplify their design and collaboration capabilities.

“You can find new parts, you can see if there are any in stock, how many different suppliers have them in stock,. And you can follow that trend. This makes it so you don't order before seeing if you actually can get some parts. So that's a very, very crucial part for us in designing new components. Having these libraries is key to the foundation of any electronic design that we do.”

Hans-Ole Vitus
Founder and CTO
Vitus Audio

In fact, one of their key strategies lies in the astute reuse of designs, where elements like power supplies and other critical components exceed individual labels. This approach not only streamlines development but also enhances the reliability and quality of their products. The shared libraries within the AVA Group are a cornerstone of this collaborative success. These libraries serve as a central repository of components and design assets that can be accessed and leveraged by engineers from both brands. It's a practice that not only accelerates design processes but also ensures consistency and compatibility.

Knowledge-sharing is another pivotal aspect of the collaborative ethos. Teams can exchange insights, best practices, and accumulated expertise, transcending the confines of individual brand boundaries. This cross-pollination of knowledge leads to continuous improvement and innovation that benefits all. 

Considering collaboration is the lifeblood of the AVA Group's operations, having Altium 365 allows engineers from different brands to seamlessly collaborate in real-time, regardless of their location. This real-time collaboration extends from schematic design to PCB layout, fostering a culture of creativity, efficiency, and precision that consistently elevates the quality and performance of their audio products. In essence, the AVA Group's model demonstrates how the power of collaboration, knowledge-sharing, and design reuse can be harnessed to create a harmonious and innovative ecosystem within the larger framework of Altium 365.

According to Alexander, “until we started with Altium 365, we tried to share libraries, but it creates a lot of complex situations that you would rather not have. With Altium 365, we have an integrated library in the cloud that anyone can access and create a new component with, and then it's there for everybody to use. Altium 365 also allows us to go back and check the version controls. I can make changes, upload it, and a coworker can go in to make changes or comments from somewhere else. We can work from home, without bringing a hard drive or dedicated laptop, you can just access it. And that has helped tremendously with general workflow and usability overall. The fact that someone who is not a designer can go in and check the latest schematics without disturbing somebody—they can make a comment and we’ll get an email notification, we make a change, update , and everything's good—it’s a very powerful tool for us.”

With seamless access to up-to-date schematics and a shared cloud-based library, Vitus Audio’s teams streamlined their design process to work cohesively and efficiently. Their success exemplifies how Altium 365 can empower even small businesses to overcome collaboration obstacles and achieve innovative breakthroughs in their respective fields, setting a remarkable precedent for the transformative potential of modern design tools.

Elevating Engineering Excellence for All

With Altium as the connective thread that ties their operations together, Vitus Audio and the AVA Group have seamlessly integrated their design processes—resulting in a tangible elevation of product quality for AVA Group as their commitment to design excellence is now supported by a powerful suite of tools that promote precision and consistency. As a result, their products consistently meet and exceed the expectations of audiophiles.

Within the AVA Group, the benefits of cost reduction, time savings, and higher quality products resonate deeply, mirroring the potential for larger enterprises to realize similar advantages. The AVA Group's success story underscores how Altium's solutions can serve as a cornerstone for any organization striving for engineering excellence and business growth in the modern era.

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