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Altium 365 Integrates with SiliconExpert

August 1, 2023
Altium 365 Integrates with SiliconExpert

Altium 365 Integrates with SiliconExpert, Delivering Unmatched Component Data Access to Designers Worldwide.

Altium 365 Integrates with SiliconExpert, Delivering Unmatched Component Data Access to Designers Worldwide

August 01, 2023 - Altium, a global leader in electronics design systems, announced its integration collaboration with SiliconExpert, a leading provider of electronic component data and parts management software.

This integration empowers engineers, procurement professionals, and other stakeholders using Altium 365, an electronics development platform, with direct access to comprehensive, real-time component data whenever it is needed during the design and product lifecycle.

With SiliconExpert's data on over a billion electronic parts, Altium 365 users can soon access even more detailed component information than they have had before, from the simplest resistors to the most complex ICs. The data, sourced directly from manufacturers, helps ensure unparalleled accuracy and reliability in decision-making.

"We are thrilled to build the integration as part of a continuing collaboration between SiliconExpert and Altium 365," says Ananth Avva, GM and Sr. Vice President of Cloud Platform at Altium. "Supply chain of components in the electronics lifecycle management remains a key topic for many of our customers. We are continuing to enrich component data for our customers, and Silicon Expert is one source that is in high demand. We believe this integration will continue to improve the way teams across all disciplines - from designers to operations, procurement, finance, and quality and compliance - approach component selection, risk analysis, and compliance management."

The integration will offer:

  • Comprehensive Component Data: Extensive component details, from lifecycle status to environmental compliance, right within the ActiveBOM.
  • Informed Decision-making: Real-time component data to aid in making informed decisions about component selection, enhancing design quality, efficiency, and compliance.
  • Risk Management: Detailed metrics, including Year-to-End-of-Life (YTEOL) date, multi-sourcing, and inventory risks, allow for proactive risk management and strategic decision-making.
  • Accuracy and Reliability: High-quality, up-to-date data backed by SiliconExpert's strict data integrity protocols.

Altium continues to innovate in the PCB design software market, aiming to unify all aspects of the electronics product design to realization process into a single, cohesive environment. This integration with SiliconExpert reaffirms Altium's commitment to providing a comprehensive, user-friendly solution that caters not only to electronics designers but also to operations, procurement, and supply chain professionals. This approach helps ensure streamlined coordination and enhanced decision-making across all stages of product development and lifecycle for Altium’s customers.

The SiliconExpert integration will be available to Altium 365 users later this month. For more information, visit

About Altium:

Altium is a global software company headquartered in San Diego, California, who is accelerating the pace of innovation through electronics. For over 30 years, Altium has been delivering software that maximizes the productivity of PCB designers and electrical engineers. From individual inventors to multinational corporations, more PCB designers and engineers choose Altium software to design and realize electronics-based products.