CAM Editor - View & Language

This document is no longer available beyond version 21. Information can now be found here: CAM Editor - View & Language Preferences for version 24


The CAM Editor - View / Language page of the Preferences dialogThe CAM Editor - View / Language page of the Preferences dialog


The CAM Editor – View / Language page of the Preferences dialog includes controls to choose translucent viewing, how to display the current layer and layer sorting, the language to be used for drawing text, and customize layer colors when in the CAM Editor.


This page is part of the main Preferences dialog that is accessed by clicking the  control in the upper-right corner of the design space then selecting the General entry under the CAM Editor folder.



  • Translucent Viewing Default - enable this option to start the CAM document editing session with the translucent viewing enabled.
  • Draw Current Layer Last - enable this option so the current layer is displayed on top of all other layers.
  • Arc(s) slicing resolution (Degrees) - this field controls the displayed arc resolution for circular interpolation (true arcs). Arcs will always retain their true arc information but will be displayed as straight line segments to boost display speed. At any time, you can query on an arc to check the arc information is still preserved.
  • Sort Layers Tree (Alphabetically) - use to choose how the layers are sorted alphabetically. 

Language For Drawing Text

Use the drop-down to choose the language when drawing the text on the CAM document.


  • Colors - click to select the color to customize the CAM Editor's layers.
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