Interactive Multi-Routing

Now reading version 23. For the latest, read: Interactive Multi-Routing for version 24

When routing a PCB it is fairly common for groups of signals to all need to be routed along the same path, such as for Address and Data busses. One option would be to route each of these signals individually but a much faster option is to route them collectively. The Interactive Multi-Routing command accessed from the main Route menu or the Active Bar allows you to do just that - route multiple nets simultaneously.

Before choosing the command, select the source pad of each net to be included in the route. Shift+click to select individual pads, Ctrl+click and drag to draw a selection rectangle and sub-select multiple child pads in a component.

After launching the command, you will be prompted to click to begin multi-routing. Simply click within the design space at the point where you require to lay down the first set of track segments, then continue routing as required toward your target destination. Use the B (Shift+B) shortcut to decrease (increase) bus spacing in increments of the current grid. Press C to converge bus spacing to the minimum allowed by the applicable routing rules. Use the same shortcuts as for the Interactive Routing to perform other action: cycle through conflict resolution modes, switch routing layers, etc.

It is also possible to enter this mode of routing implicitly, by selecting a group of tracks and dragging their ends (sometimes referred to as Smart Drag). In this mode successive drags can be used to add new segments.

During interactive multi-routing, press Tab to open the Properties panel in its Multi-Routing mode. The following collapsible sections contain information about the options and controls available:

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