IPC-2581 Configuration

This document is no longer available beyond version 22. Information can now be found here: Generating IPC-2581 Fabrication Data for version 24

The IPC-2581 Configuration dialog
The IPC-2581 Configuration dialog


The IPC-2581 Configuration dialog is used to configure IPC-2581 exports. Related to the existing ODB++ format, IPC-2581 is an open-source standard developed by the Institute for Printed Circuits IPC-2581 Consortium in 2004 but has since been refined to the most recent Revision A and B releases (IPC-2581A/B).

For a high-level look at this fabrication format, see IPC-2581 Support.


The dialog is accessed by:

  • In the PCB editor, click File » Fabrication Outputs » IPC-2581.
  • In an OutputJob file, add an IPC-2581 job by clicking the [Add New Fabrication Output] job group under the Fabrication Outputs region, then select IPC-2581 » [PCB Document] or other desired document listed.


  • IPC2581 version - use the drop-down to select the correct version of IPC-2581.
  • Measurement System - use the drop-down to select either Metric or Imperial units.
  • Floating Point Precision - type in the desired number or use the arrow keys to select the desired floating point.
  • OEMDesignNumberRef - use the drop-down to select the component parameter to be used. DesignItemID is the default.
  • Merge Net-Tie Nets - when enabled, if a design contains nets connected by Net-Tie components, these nets will report as distinguished single nets in the netlist.
  • Distinguish different footprints with the same name - when enabled, if one of the footprints with the same name has been modified, only the modified footprint is changed in the output. When the option is not enabled, all footprints with the same name will show as modified in the output.
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