PCB Editor - Board Insight Color Overrides

Now reading version 16.0. For the latest, read: PCB Editor - Board Insight Color Overrides for version 21

The PCB Editor - Board Insight Color Overrides page of the Preferences dialog.


As its name suggests, the PCB Editor – Board Insight Color Overrides page of the Preferences dialog provides controls relating to the functionality of the Board Insight Color Overrides feature within the PCB workspace.


The PCB Editor – Board Insight Color Overrides page is part of the main Preferences dialog (DXP » Preferences) and is accessed by clicking the Board Insight Color Overrides entry under the PCB Editor folder, in the left-hand pane of the dialog.


Base Pattern 

Click to select the base pattern for board insight color override. Patterns available are: None (Layer Color), Solid (Override Color), Star, Checker Board, Circle and Stripe

Zoom Out Behaviour 

Use these options to determine how the nets are displayed when you zoom out. For example, you can elect to have the assigned net override color become more dominant the further you zoom out, until the layer color is not noticeable, and vice-versa. Play with the options to find the setting that best suits your needs and working preference.

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