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General Options for a Project in Altium Designer

Created: November 19, 2020 | Updated: September 16, 2021
Applies to Altium Designer version: 21


The General tab of the Project Options dialog enables you to control the online availability and synchronization of a regular project that has been made available to an Altium 365 Workspace.

This tab of the Project Options dialog is available only when connected to an Altium 365 Workspace and is not available when signed into an on-site server.


This is one of the multiple tabs available when configuring the options for a project accessed from within the Project Options dialog. To access this dialog if the project has been made available online:

  • From any editor, select Project » Project Options from the main menu.
  • Right-click in the schematic or PCB editor then select Project Options from the menu.
  • Right-click on the project entry in the Projects panel then click Project Options from the context menu.

To access this dialog with a local, unmanaged project, such as within a Project Group heading (*.DsnWrk), right-click on the desired project then select Project Options. The General tab of the Project Options dialog will open and only display the option to add the project to the Workspace through the Make Available Online dialog. Click the button to be directed to the dialog, which will add your project to the Workspace after going through the necessary steps. Once completed, all contents within the General tab of the Project Options dialog will be available.



  • Description - use this field to provide an optional description of the project, which will be reflected in the description field when browsing your project within the Workspace browser interface.

Online Availability and Synchronization

  • Version Control - checking this box will reflect the current style of online availability. Enable this option to store this project under VCS within the Workspace's Versioned Storage Git design repository, or disable it to partake in simple synchronization. Enabling formal version control allows multiple users to work on this project given that it will be shared with all other contributors connected to your Workspace.
  • Migrate to Altium 365 Versioned Storage - enable this option to migrate a project that uses an external VCS system to a fully-managed Altium server project. The fully-managed project can then benefit from the server's native VCS features, such as the event-based history timeline. This option is available only if the project is currently under an external VCS system and the project is already managed in the Altium server as a mirrored project (synchronized local-server files). This option is also available from the Projects panel right-click menu.
  • Server Folder - the folder in which the project resides.
  • Enable Conflict Prevention Notifications - enable this option to manage file editing access by receiving an alert when a team member is editing the same document from a managed project to avoid the possibility of data conflicts.
This feature is available when Altium design software is connected to an Altium 365 Workspace. Note that this feature is not available with the Standard Subscription Plan.
  • Turn Off Synchronization - click this button to turn off synchronization, which ensures that the local project copy will no longer be linked to the one that resides on the server. The project located on the server will remain untouched.
Note that if you are making a local project available online again after having turned off synchronization, you may need to change the project name. Since turning off synchronization does not remove the project in the Workspace, this project, with the same name and folder location, may still exist. If you need to have the same project name, then the previous project instance in the Workspace can always be removed.

Additional Option

  • Set To Installation Defaults - click to set all options to the installation defaults.
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