System - Account Management

Now reading version 19.1. For the latest, read: System - Account Management for version 21

The System - Account Management page of the Preferences dialog The System - Account Management page of the Preferences dialog

The System - Account Management page of the Preferences dialog The System - Account Management page of the Preferences dialog


The System – Account Management page of the Preferences dialog provides controls to configure your Altium account. Altium Designer includes various on-demand style features, made available to you upon signing into your Altium account through the secure Altium portal. Such features include on-demand licensing, automatic software updates, retrieval of updated exchange rates for use with live links to suppliers, and streamlined activation of Standalone licensing. These features are all offered in accordance with a singular underlying vision - to enhance your productivity by delivering the information you need, when and where you need it.


This page is accessed by clicking Account Management under the System folder in the main Preferences dialog (accessed by clicking the button in the top right corner of the workspace).


Altium Connection

Altium Designer includes features to enhance your productivity by bringing information to you on-demand. Whenever a connection to any of these services is made, information about you and your PC may be gathered to identify you and deliver the right services. Information collected by Altium will not be shared with any third parties.

There may be occasions where you need to disconnect from these services altogether. For example, your company may have strict, non-negotiable policies in place for connection to the 'outside world'. In instances such as this, Altium makes it possible to disconnect from its on-demand services, placing full control in your hands. Should your circumstances change, you can reconnect with Altium at any time – on-demand!

Would you like to connect with Altium?

  • Yes, I would like to allow connections to Altium's on-demand services - by enabling this option you are allowing Altium Designer to connect with Altium over its secure portal whenever you want to access one of Altium's on-demand services. Enabling this option does not mean you are instantly and constantly connected to Altium, nor does it mean we are constantly gathering your information. Connection is only made at the time you actually use one of the on-demand-style features that require connection to Altium (through the portal). For example, to sign in to your account from within Altium Designer and manage extensions and updates, you use a feature that requires connection with Altium – which is only possible if you have enabled this option to allow such a connection. Data may be gathered at the time of using an on-demand service to ensure that you are provided with the right service for you.
  • No, I wish to remain disconnected from Altium - by enabling this option, your installation of Altium Designer will stay completely disconnected from Altium. While disconnected, you will not be able to access or use any of the on-demand services that require a connection with Altium. In essence, this option is a 'full off' switch, with the trade off of not being able to use any of Altium's on-demand services.
When the option to remain disconnected is enabled,  will be displayed and all other options on the page will be disabled.
If you are actively using a Standalone license, disconnecting from Altium will not affect the license since it is already activated and in use. Whether you are signed in or working offline with the license, simply disconnect and carry on working in true standalone fashion. If you are accessing your Standalone license for the very first time, or you have inadvertently deleted the license from your computer (and have no backup of the associated license file), you will need to activate (reactivate) the license. This can only be done while connected to Altium and signed in to your Altium Designer Account.
Use of Altium Designer Live Links to Supplier Data feature does not require you to be signed in to your Altium Designer Account since searching is conducted directly with the suppliers through web services. However, when displaying pricing information in alternate currencies, exchange rates for currency conversion are refreshed daily, provided you are signed in to your account. When you disconnect from Altium, access to these rates – which are updated every 24 hours – is lost.
While disconnected from Altium, you will not be able to utilize on-demand licensing, nor will automatic checking for updates be performed. All installation changes – and management of extensions – requires that you be signed in to your Altium Designer Account.

Account Sign in

  • User Name - enter your user name in this field. This is the user name created when your Altium Designer Account Credentials were created.
  • Password - enter your Altium Designer Account password in this field.
    • Sign me in when I start Altium Designer - enable this option to automatically be signed in to your account when you start the software.
These settings are reflected in, and are also affected by, changes made in the Account Sign In dialog. The Account Sign In dialog is accessed by clicking Sign In on the License Management page (Click the button and select License Management from the drop-down menu).

Altium Account Management Servers

When you sign in to your account, you do so through an Altium portal. On the Altium side, a portal is simply a secure connection to a specific Altium Account Management Server.

  • Location - enter the required portal. The default portal is
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The features available depend on your Altium product access level. Compare features included in the various levels of Altium Designer Software Subscription and functionality delivered through applications provided by the Altium 365 platform.

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