Library Splitter Wizard

Now reading version 20.1. For the latest, read: Library Splitter Wizard for version 22

The Library Splitter Wizard quickly converts multi-component schematic symbol (*.SchLib) and PCB footprint (*.PcbLib) libraries into single-model files. Storing each model in its own file is more appropriate for version-controlled source and is required before the symbol and model libraries are added to an SVN repository - as part of the Version-Controlled Database Library feature (*.SVNDBLib).

Using the Library Splitter Wizard

The Library Splitter Wizard is launched by clicking Tools » Library Splitter Wizard from a PCB Library file and SCH Library file.

Wizard Navigation

  • Click Cancel to close the Library Splitter Wizard.
  • Click Back to navigate to the previous screen.
  • Click Next to navigate to the next screen.
  • Click Finish to close the Library Splitter Wizard. This option is available only on the final page of the Wizard.

Selecting which Libraries to Split

Use the Libraries to Split page to choose the schematic or PCB library(ies) you want to split. Click the Add button to access a dialog to browse and add the desired library(ies) to the list. The added libraries will be split into individual component libraries later in the Wizard. The source libraries need not exist in the same folder. Use the Remove button to delete a selected library from the list.

Selecting the Output Directories

The Output Directories page is used to set the output directory(ies) for the individual component libraries. The listed Output Directory is the path where the split libraries will be placed. Click Change Output Directory to update the listed and selected directory, if needed. A dialog opens in which you can browse and select the updated folder for the output directory.

Setting the Splitting Options

Two iterations of the Split Libraries page; on the left: the Split Libraries page when converting a .PCBLib file. On the right: the Split Libraries page when converting a .SCHLib file. Two iterations of the Split Libraries page; on the left: the Split Libraries page when converting a .PCBLib file. On the right: the Split Libraries page when converting a .SCHLib file.

You can control how the libraries are split using the Options page. Use the drop-down (shown in the above image) to select how the new files are handled. Choose Overwrite Existing Files (default) will cause any newly-created files to overwrite any existing files. If Append Incrementing Number To File Names is chosen, the library splitter will scan through all the output directories selected on the previous page (Output Directories) and create a list of files to protect so that they are not overwritten. New component libraries with the same name will be appended with the suffix "_#Increment Number".

Reviewing the Split Libraries to be Created

The component libraries that will be created can be reviewed on the Review page. The Splitted Library Name, Component Name and Source Library are listed to show the new files that will be created during the splitting process. A drop-down list of the data in each column can be easily accessed by clicking the down arrow on the right-hand side of each column. This feature is especially helpful when reviewing files of extremely large libraries. 

Closing the Library Splitter Wizard

After you have successfully completed the Wizard, click Finish to close.

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