KB: Copy Circuit Selection From One Project to Another

Created: March 25, 2021 | Updated: February 28, 2024

What is the best method if I want to transfer a section of a schematic circuit and the associated layout from an existing project to another project?

Starting in Version: 18.0
Up to Version: Current

Solution Details

  1. Select the part / circuitry you want to copy

  2. Edit ► Copy

  1. Select a Reference Point, it is typically recommended to use Origin.

  1. Open the New PCB

  2. Edit ► Paste ► Paste Special

  1. Enable Keep Net Name ► Paste

  1. Select a Reference Point for the Paste.



For the Schematic, you can simply select the primitives: 

  1. Edit ► Copy


  1. Before pasting into the new schematic document, we will disable the option to Reset Designators on Paste.

Disable the option:
Preferences ► Schematic ► Graphical Editing ► Options ► Reset Part Designators on Paste.


  1. After copying, open the new Schematic Document and then go to: Edit ► Paste 



Once you have the two documents with the copied primitives in the same project, you can link them by: Open the PCB ► Project ► Component Links.

(Note: Component Links are a link between a component in the schematic and the corresponding footprint in the PCB. Cutting and pasting a schematic component will break this link, requiring re-linking as shown below. This step is necessary before any designator changes are made. To move components from one page to another in the same project without breaking the link, use Edit ► Refactor).



Then select the Add Pairs Matched by: Designators in the bottom left. Perform Update



Once the links have been updated, click OK and run the ECO from Schematic: Design ► Update PCB.


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