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How to edit the board shape.

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Try these steps:
1. from top menu, View ► Board Planning Mode (or simply hit '1' for the keyboard shortcut)
2. from top menu, Design ► Edit Board Shape (or simply hit 'd' twice for the keyboard shortcut)
(see note below)

3. left-click and drag white edit handles, which appear as you hover over a board edge

Here's a link to the relevant section of documentation on Board Shape for editing the board shape:

Here's additional information that may be helpful:
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Defining the Board Shape:

Note:  For AD21 and newer, If you don't see the Edit Board Shape under the Design menu, you many need to enable Legacy.PCB.RighidFlex  Preferences ► System ► General ► Advanced... button, search for "flex", then check the box in the Value column for Legacy.PCB.RighidFlex, close and restart Altium.
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