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This article has some guidance for when SOLIDWORKS is used with SOLIDWORKS Product Data Management

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    1. It's recommended to set up a common component folder in CoDesigner settings, and to put that folder under SW PDM control, and to synchronize that folder with the local storage before collaborating with ECAD.

    2. It's further recommended to turn on the option for "Prompt to check out file if opened in read-only mode" in SW PDM settings. Go to “Tools” menu in SW) OFF (see the picture below). It will allow not to check out the existing components which might cause an inconvenience to other mechanical engineers that may be working on them.  However, for the case when it's really necessary to change comp properties, the corresponding components should be checked out.


    3. After the changes are applied, it's recommended to check the new components into SW PDM.

    4. All the other actions (check-out/in) are the same as with the normal workflow with SW PDM.
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