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User can lose the connection to Altium license server or on-prem private server (Altium Enterprise Server/Altium Concord Pro Server/Altium Infrastructurer Server) due to no activity or sleep/hibernated system for a long duration. Upon waking up, a popup message “License Issue” (Your editing and saving capabilities are unavailable due to an insufficient license) implies that the previously acquired license seat is lost preventing to perform a save action on prior work. In case of on-prem server, the license management window will show the Server connection but Licenses are unavailable

Solution Details

To re-acquire a license seat without closing Altium, so that you do not lose the unsaved work, the License Management page needs to be opened (solicited on the 'License Issue’ popup). The next steps will depend on the license type you have, i.e. On-Demand, Standalone or Private Server License.

License Issue Popup

On-Demand License: 
The user will be able to see all available On-Demand licenses and the user can re-acquire the license by clicking the button “Use License”.

Please note that If you will not be able to see the available licenses then the user needs to sign in to the Altium Account.

Private Server License (Altium Infrastructure Server):
If the user sees the connection to the Private Server License but the license is not listed in the license Management page, the user can press the button ”Disconnect” under Private Server License option and reconnect the Server by pressing the button “Connect to the local server”. The user can re-acquire the license by clicking the button “Use License” on the License Management Page.

Private server license connected but no license listed.jpg 



Custom Connection (Altium Enterprise Server/Concord Pro): 
The user who uses Custom Connection to connect to the Altium on-prem server needs to reconnect to the server by following the Custom Connection option in Altium designer.


After a successful connection with your Altium on-prem server, the user can re-acquire the license by clicking the button “Use License”.

It should be emphasized that closing and restarting Altium without a license would result in loss of unsaved work. Additional preventive measures can me make to avoid this such as enabling auto-save and/or roaming a seat offline.  Please review our online manual on auto-save and roaming options:

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