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The current administrators in your organization can add a user to Group Administrators to manage users and licenses.

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You can find out who the current administrators are in your organization from the Overview landing page of your company dashboard at:  https://dashboard.altium.com/overview.
To be added to the administrator group of your company you would need to either:
  • have one of the current administrators add you to the group
  • contact your Sales Account Manager if there are no longer any current group administrators
Have a current administrator add you to the group:
  1. have the administrator login to the company dashboard at: https://dashboard.altium.com/
  2. select <Groups> tab at the top to enter the Groups page. image.png
  3. select the Group Administrators. And then select the Add Users to Group option to add the email address. image.png

Contact Sales Account Manager:
if the Group Administrators is missing or if all of current administrators are no longer with your organization, you may contact your company's Sales Account Manager.  If the contact information is unknown, submit a support case at https://supportcenter.live.altium.com/#LogCase
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