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I am importing ODB++ files into a fabrication house software MacroFab. Every time the component placement file comes in, it's position is offset from the actual board origin in the Gerber files. How do I make the component placement files match the PCB 0,0 origin when importing into MacroFab software.

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The ODB++ always uses the "Relative Origin" as (0,0).  Under the Advanced tab of the Gerber Setup dialog,  you have the following three options for the "Position on Film":
  • Reference to absolute origin
  • Reference to relative origin
  • Center on film
Use "Reference to relative origin" to have the Gerber and ODB++ match.

Absolute origin is the location to which your cursor jumps when you use Edit Jump Absolute Origin
Relative Origin is the location to which your cursor jumps when you use Edit Jump Current Origin.  This would be any user-defined location set by the command Edit Origin Set.  (It can be reset with Edit Origin Reset.)
You can read more about Gerber Setup here:
You can read more about ODB setup here:

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